Don't Leave ME

Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................


6. What to Wear

was so happy I skipped all the way home. As soon as got home I grabbed an apple and ran to my bedroom. I hung my jacket on my coat-rack, placed my sneakers in my closet  and took out my phone. I dialed Allison's number and waited for her to answer. "Hello Emma, what was that all about at the bus stop." Allison said. " About I stayed back to talk to Brandon." I said. "Why" she asked "I thought you were too scared to talk to him." " That's why I stayed back." I replied "That doesn't make any sense Emma" said Allison. "I mean that he tried to talk to me earlier buy I ran away." I said. Allison replied back "you didn't." "I did. So anyways at the bus stop he came with cute girl, but thank god that was only his sister. After that he asked me to the Christmas Dance" I said. "Have picked out what to wear already" Allison asked. "I was hopping you could help me with that" I said. "OK, i'll be there in 5" Allison said.

*15 Minutes Later* .....................


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