Don't Leave ME

Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................


3. Christmas Break (hooray)

            Today is the last day of school before Christmas break. I have finally adjusted to high school. I have a feeling that Allison and I are rising up to the popular level. At this rate I think I might get a chance with Brandon by the time the break is over. Me and Allison are at lunch sitting a table away from the populars. I 'm getting a strong hint that Brandon must be interested in me. We talk a bit during class but nothing major just yet except for the fact that he smiles at me during lunch. "Have you noticed that Brandon has been looking at our table " I said. "he's not looking at our table he's looking at you. Don't you see what's going on here he has a crush on you" said  Allison. "No way" I replied. "Yes way she" said back "just trust me he'll be asking you out by February." just then the bell rang. "I have chemistry" I said. " Well I have algebra" she replied back "so i'll see you later." I started thinking about what Allison had said about Brandon. I quickly ran to my locker to get a few notebooks. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't notice Brandon by his locker so I ended up bumping into him. "Sorry" I said. "It's okay" He said back. I grabbed my stuff and just as I was leaving my locker Brandon grabbed my arm. I looked at him and saw his big blue eyes staring at me.

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