Don't Leave ME

Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................


5. Bus Stop

            I walked with Allison to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Emma got on and I told her i'd be taking the later bus. I knew Brandon took the later bus,so I just stood there until he came.When he got to the bus stop I saw him with his arm around another girl's shoulders. She looked a bit older than him but who cares anyways. I was instantly heartbroken. Then they both headed over to me and Brandon introduced to the girl. "This is my Tara my older sister. She's in the 12th grade so you won't see much" he said " And Tara this is Emma. She's in my class." Oh thank God I said in my head. Then he asked his sister to leave so we could speak in private. "I needed to tell you this but you ran off" he said. " sorry about that It's never mind" I said. 'what were you talking about" he asked . "um nothing really, what did need to tell me" I replied back. "oh yeah um, would you like to come with me to the Christmas dance."  " sure" i said happily. I couldn't wait to get home and ell Allison what had just happened. Just the bus came and we got on. We couldn't fin any seats so we just standing. We had a contest to see who could stand the longest without holding on, but i falling first. I bumped into Brandon and we both ended up falling. I got off a stop before Brandon so I said good-bye and got off the bus.

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