Don't Leave ME

Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................


2. Brandon's First Day

*Brandon's Point of view.*

      Today is the worst day of my life, school is starting up again. Anyways at least I got my friends to hangout with. Our new teacher walked in. "Settle down class" said Ms.Parker. "I know its the first day but we must get class started. You will have plenty of time to talk during lunch." I hate this cause now she is gonna go on and on about boring stuff. (30 minutes later) Why is that girl staring at me I started thinking as I looked towards the front of the class. But then my thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Ms.Parker. "Okay class you will let you out to go find your lockers. On your way out, please stop at my desk to get your locker number. " I was last to get my locker number. "Locker 238" I read out loud. "i just hope I don't get stuck next to some freak."   Just as was exiting the room this girl walked up to me and said, "Hi I'm Mackenzie, what locker do you have i got number 239." " number 238" I replied back. I walked to my locker and saw that girl who was staring at me during class."Is that locker 238?" I asked. "Yes it is" She said. "Well guess then I guess that its mine" I said back. Then she just turned around and start doing her business. Just then the bell rang signaling it was time to go to the next class. Then the day just went by boring as usual.

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