Don't Leave ME

Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................


1. First Day

*Emma's Point of View*

         I'm so glad were gonna be in the same class" said Emma."I know right" said Allison.Today was the first day of high school and me and BFF (Allison) got in same class. So far I think its gotten off to a really good start. Me and Allison started having a nice conversation about summer vacation when our new teacher walked in. "Settle down class" said Ms.Parker. "I know its the first day but we must get class started. You will have plenty of time to talk during lunch." Way to put a damper on things but whatever. She started talking about rules and expectations and boring stuff which made me kinda tired. So I decided to scan the room for familiar faces. As I got near the back my heart stopped. Was it actually true or was i just day dreaming because sitting all the way in the back was Brandon looking super cute like always  I've been secretly crushing on him since the 7th grade and the only person who knows is Allison.  As I was having my thoughts I saw everyone starting to leave. "Allison, why is everyone leaving the bell didn't ring yet" I said. "I know but Ms. Parker is giving us 15 minutes to go find our lockers." When we both got our numbers, we realized we were right next to each other,lockers 236 and 237. When we finally found our lockers we started settling in. Then just as I was wondering would be on my left, Brandon stopped right next to me and asked "Is that locker 238?" "Yes it is" I said. "Well guess then I guess that its mine" he replied back. Then I looked away because I didn't want him to see me blushing like crazy. Just then the bell rang signaling it was time to go to the next class. The day kept going and I was starting to get more and more bored. When I got home the first thing I did was go  to sleep because my half boring day got me tired. I realized getting through my first year of high school would be harder than it seemed.

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