Searching For That One Love.

(Harry Styles fanfiction)

Harry and May have been friends since they were 10. Her parents split and ever since then she hardly sees her father... Searching for love that only a father can give. Will May give up on the search or will it push her too her limits and make her do something she might regret? Will Harry be able too save her heart with his?

Join Harry and May on a roller-coaster of life and feelings...


3. Third wheel



4 months later.


               Ever since I kissed Thomas, I couldn't stop thinking about him. We've been secretly kissing now and then, but no one knew, and we weren't dating. Now the end of the year school dance was here and all I wanted was for him to invite me as his date. But the chances of that is one in a billion...

"Hey." Harry said as he sat beside me in the cafeteria, Thomas followed not too far behind, "hey." Thomas said as he sat on the other side of me and flashed me a smile. I melted inside, if only he knew what he does to me.

"Hey." I said. "So who's going to the dance?" I questioned, hoping it would give Thomas a chance to ask me. "I'm going." Harry said, but right at that moment I didn't care what Harry had to say I wanted to know Thomas's answer. "I might go." Thomas said. "What about you?" He questioned me. "I'm going but no one asked me to go with them yet..." I said trying to give Thomas a clue, useless, he simply nodded and dug into his food.

"Why don't we go all three of us? That way Thomas you have to go and May you won't go alone either." Harry suggested. "Sure." Thomas said and I nodded my head in approval... At least Thomas was going. But I was going to be the third wheel with the boys.


               Harry and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember, but never did we ever like the same person. Even if Harry doesn't admit it, I know deep down he really likes May and so do I. I really wanted to ask May to the dance, but what would Harry do? I couldn't just go behind his back and take the girl he likes, that's just wrong. But then again, I am sneaking around with May and kissing her. That's just as wrong! God I'm the worst best friend ever!

               Finally it was lunch time and Harry and I headed towards the cafeteria. May sat at our usually place, looking all peaceful and beautiful... wait, what, shut up... Your Harrys best friend, i kept telling myself as we quickly went and joined her.

"Hey." Harry said as he clearly melted when May met his gaze. He sat right beside her.

               Go sit right beside Harry, I told myself, but my body said different as I took my sit next to May... Great! "Hey." I said as I mentally killed myself, "hey." She said with her angle voice, god I love the sound of her voice. All I wanted to do was ask her to the dance, kiss her, ask her out, kiss her again and make her mine. But the only thing pulling me back was Harry.

"So who's going to the dance?" May questioned. Harry quickly answered, "I'm going." Something changed in her face expression. She was probably happy that Harry was going, she probably likes Harry, not me. "I might go." I said, a little bummed out. "What about you?" Harry asked May, "I'm going but no one asked me to go with them yet..." She dragged the end. It was obvious she wanted Harry to ask her. "Why don't we go all three of us? That way Thomas you have to go and May you won't go alone either." Harry suggested, I was pretty much happy that I would go to the dance with May... And Harry. But I knew she didn't really want to go with me... She wanted Harry. "Sure." Was all I was able to say. And May only nodded her head in approval, probably overwhelmed about going to the dance with Harry... Great I would be the third wheel.


               I know something is going on with Thomas and May, but not sure what. Plus the school dance is just around the corner. Everything in my gut was telling me to ask May to go with me (that way she won't go with a jerk), but my head was telling me the opposite... Argh, I hate mental arguments!
Thomas and I were leaving the cafeteria and heading towards May. She sat quietly awaiting us... I think.

"Hey!" I said snapping her out of her head. She lifted her head and gave me a smile, "hey." Thomas echoed me. "Hey" May said turning her attention to Thomas. Something was up and they didn't want to tell me... Fishy if you ask me. "So who's going to the dance?" She questioned, while batting her eyes at Thomas... Could she make it less obvious!!... Wait what am I saying! May and Thomas are my FRIENDS just friends, but what is this feeling I always get when May and Thomas are together. Ever since my birthday this feelings won't stop coming and going... Am I dyeing?

"I'm going." I said, trying to change the subject in my head. "I might go." Thomas said all gloomy, what was up with him. "What about you?" I questioned May, realizing that no one asked her the question. "I'm going but no one asked me to go with them yet..." She said dragging the end. Why was she so obvious!!! Why does she like Thomas, why not me!?... Wait... We are just friends, and I don't like her... What is going on with me? Am I going mad?

"Why don't we go all three of us? That way Thomas you have to go and May you won't go alone either." I had a plan up my sleeve, just wait till the dance they were going to tell me what their hiding! "Sure." Was all Thomas said, if I wasn't his best friend I would not have noticed the little excitement in the back of his voice, but I am (his best friend) so I did. May only nodded.

               They have no idea what they just got into... I won't be the third wheel at this party.

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