Searching For That One Love.

(Harry Styles fanfiction)

Harry and May have been friends since they were 10. Her parents split and ever since then she hardly sees her father... Searching for love that only a father can give. Will May give up on the search or will it push her too her limits and make her do something she might regret? Will Harry be able too save her heart with his?

Join Harry and May on a roller-coaster of life and feelings...


2. Harry's Birthday



            So I only had two weeks to find Harry the perfect gift... But what do you get for someone you just met? We were just beginning to get to know each other, how was I suppose to know what to get!

            After the school day ended, I said goodbye to Harry and went to get Jessie, as we both waited for Ariel to arrive. We all headed towards the apartment, but I was still in deep thought... What would Harry want for his birthday?

"May?" Ariel said, "did you even listen to what I just said?" Ops... "No sorry, what did you say?". She let out a loud sigh... "I said that I think daddy might come by soon." Pain and joy filled within me, joy because I love him and missed him and it has been since before we moved that I haven't seen him. And Pain because I knew he would have to leave again and it wouldn't be like before, there wouldn't be a him and mommy love thing going on. "Yeah.." was all I could say, as Jessie and Ariel entered into a deep conversation about animals, my mind wondered off into its own little world.

            Mommy was waiting for us at the meeting point and ran to give us hugs, as she asked everyone how their day went, Jessie was babbling on about her day and my mind wondered off again. Finally we arrived home and I headed towards mines and Jessie's room, I threw my school bag on my bed and climbed up (Jessie and I shared room and had bunk-beds, I had the higher one). I opened up my books and began to do my homework.

"Super," mommy yelled, as everyone gathered at the table, I quickly shut my books and jumped off my bed, I glanced at the time and 30 minutes had passed ever since we arrived. I took my seat and waited till mommy took her seat, "So May, how was your day?" she questioned me, "You were pretty quiet on the way home.".

"Oh, just the usual." I said as I picked at the food in front of me...

"Is something bothering you?" mommy questioned me. "Well I'm not too fond about the broccoli, but besides that I'm just not that hungry..." I said.

"No I mean besides the food. Is there something wrong?" she asked more concerned.

"Well I got invited to Harry's birthday party which is in two weeks on Saturday, and I just don't know what to get him..." I said.

"Oh." was all mommy said, and began another conversation with Ariel and Jessie.

The rest of the week flew by fast and I still haven't found Harry's present...




            The first time I set my eyes on May I knew we were going to be friends, but I never expected us to be best friends. She was just so special and unique, not like all the other people in my class. When she didn't want to tell me about the reason why they moved, I just brushed it off, because I could tell she didn't want to talk about it... Maybe one day she'll tell me.

            May and I hung out every day at school and one time during lunch time, I decided to ask her when her birthday was, which led to her finding out when mine was. I was hesitant at first, whether or not to invite her, but it wouldn't have been fun without her, so I invited her to my party.

            I arrived home on Friday and let myself fall onto my bed, "one week down, one more to go." I said to myself, I only had a couple of days left before I turned 11 and I was excited. May on the other hand didn't seem as excited, she kept sighing when I told her the best present was her. But she wouldn't believe me and was determined to find the perfect present...

"Harry phone." my mom yelled from downstairs, I painfully lifted myself off from my comfortable bed and headed  towards the phone. "Hello, this is Harry speaking." I said, "Hey Harry... it's me May," I knew it from the moment she spoke that it was her, "Do you want to come over tomorrow and hang-out and even go skating? You can even eat supper over." she said without taking a pause, then I heard a loud gasp of air, probably May taking her breath, "give me a second, I'll go ask my mom.". "Okay." she chirped. I put the phone down and headed towards the kitchen, my mom was cooking and humming a lovely tune. "Mom can I go to Mays tomorrow?" I asked hoping she would allow, whenever my mother doesn't know the parents she never lets me, but I was taking my chances for May...

"Oh, you mean the famous May?" she bugged. "Yeah." I said. "The May you haven't been able to quiet down about." I was beginning to get frustrated, "Yes mom MAY PARKER. The only May I know..." I took a pause to cool myself down, "so can I go?" I pleaded. "Why on earth would I say no, she seems like a lovely girl, but next time you invite her over so I can meet her. Okay?" mom said as she turned to stir the noodles. "Yeah, sure." I yelled as I ran back towards the phone, "Hello May? Sorry it took long..." no one answered. Did she hang up on me? Was I taking too long? "Hello!!!" panic began to grow within my body... Was I too late? I didn't even have her number... Suddenly someone burst out into laughter on the other side of the phone... "May!", "Sorry it was too tempting... So what did your mom say?" she asked, "Well I don't know if I want to tell you." I said as I faked pouted. "Oh I'm sorry Harry... I won't do it again. Mouahh." she did a kissing sound in the phone and my reaction was like any boy my age, "Eww, I don't want you girl germs..", "Harry I don't have girl germs!" she protested. "So are you saying you're not a girl?" I said as I giggled. She soon began to giggle as well, finally we both stopped giggling and became serious again.

"Harry!" my mom shouted, "Supper." I didn't realize that 30 minutes passed, "Sorry May, but I gotta go." As I began to put down the phone I heard May shout, "WAIT!" I put the phone back to my ear, "Yeah.", "Well what did your mom say?" I had totally forgot to tell her, "She said it was alright, but next time your coming over." , "Alright... We'll see you tomorrow around 1?" she said, as she gave me her address, "Yeah, see you at 1 tomorrow." And I hung up the phone and headed to the dining room. Everyone was waiting for me, "Sorry." I mumbled...

"Well thank goodness we have unlimited minutes." my mom said while everyone burst out into laughter, everyone but me!


1 week later...


            Everyone was arriving at my place for my birthday party. Tonight was gonna be fun, I just knew it. As my friends arrived one by one, I greeted them, and we joined the others in the living room and started playing video games. All the boys were there, I was only missing one more person. Then the door bell rang... "I got it." I yelled as I left my friends in living room and jogged to the door, I yanked it open, but too my disappointment it was only my aunt.

"Well nice to see you too." she said, "Sorry," I apologized, "I just thought you were someone else.". "Oh, you mean like..." she moved aside and there stood May all shyly. "I told you we would get him." my aunt said as she high-fived May. "Yeah.." May said awkwardly and returned the high-five and giggled. Something I realized is that when May giggles, it is because she is shy. Random information that I gathered!

            My aunt walked by and gave me a peck on the cheek before heading towards the kitchen, where all the other grown-ups were. "Sorry, your aunt begged me to do it.." May explained. "Nah, it's okay. My face expression was probably priceless... And anyways we always pull stuff like that on each other. That's why I love my aunt very much." I said as we stood awkwardly in front of my door.

"Are you going to invite me in or let me freeze my butt outside?" May questioned, "What are you a vampire? Do you need to be invited in?" I teased, as I motioned for her to enter. I didn't say it in case she was a vampire, but as she walked in she playfully nudged me, making me lose my balance and nearly fall.

            We entered the living room and all the boys turned their attention towards May and I. "You invited a girl!" they all whined... May dropped her gaze towards the ground. "Yup." I said trying to lift up her mood.. "It is my birthday party after all. Don't I get to choose who I want to invite?" I questioned the. They all nodded their heads in approval, and returned to the video game. I motioned for May to follow me as I brought her luggage in my room.

"Do you want to meet my mom?" I asked, "ah, sure.." she said, as we headed in the kitchen. "Mom, this is May." I said as I gave her 'the look', praying that she wouldn't embarrass me. "Oh, May!" My mom nearly shouted, "I've heard so much about you." May turned all red (probably embarrassed) and gave me a look. Great I guess mom didn't quite understand 'the look', I would have to explain it to her someday. "Oh, Harry go join the boys and let May stay and chat with us." My mother said, I turned to May, "Is that alright?" I questioned her, all she did was nod her head. So I went back with the boys... "Where's the girl?" all the guys asked. "My mom pleaded me to let her chat with her." I explained, "And she does have a name... It's May." I stated.

"Mays a very nice name." Said my best friend, Thomas.

"Ohhh... Tomas likes May..." All the guys said, except for me. Thomas only blushed and looked at the ground... He didn't refuse. I tightened up and felt very annoyed with Thomas and frustrated, but I have no idea why. What was I feeling...?


later that night.


            Thomas was beginning to bug me! He wouldn't leave May alone, and it was my birthday, shouldn't I get what I want? Right at this moment I wanted him to back off on May. I haven't spoken to him all night because of it (I decided to give him the silent treatment). But it was now the time to open my presents and I didn't feel like opening Thomas's.

            My mother gave me hers first and I loved it. It was a CD from a group I really like at the moment and some cash. Then my aunt, grandparents and uncle gave me a big present... They said it was from all of them, as I slowly opened my present (which made everyone whine) I nearly fell over my chair... I couldn't believe what they bought me... A karaoke machine! Then after my friends gave me their gifts, which was mostly money, finally May gave me hers. Unlike the other ones, hers was neatly wrapped... It was very thin and light, so I expected to be money, but I was wrong! In front of me was two tickets to see Simple Plan this summer and underneath it was 2 coupons... I laughed as I read it out loud, "One free hug to May :)" everyone laughed and May blushed. She was cute when she blushed... Wait, What am I saying... I mentally shook the thought out of my head. "You can bring whoever you want with you to the concert.", "Thank you so much May..." I took a pause, "But would you do me the honor of coming with me? I mean you are the one that bought me the tickets." she simply nodded her head. At least I knew we were going to see each other during summer.

            Thomas handed me his present and I gave him a fake smile. I have no idea why I was mad at him, he didn't do anything wrong. I unwrapped his present, but I didn't look to happy doing so. When I saw what lay before me, I felt so stupid... How can I ever be mad after my best friend. I went and gave Thomas a big bear hug and everyone just starred.

"We didn't get one of those..." my aunt teased, so I gave everyone a big hug, but saved the best for the last. As I reached May I opened my arms and we hugged, then I lifted her in the air and did a little twirl. She simply giggled and begged me to put her down.


Later that night.


"So what do we do know?" Thomas asked, as everyone shrugged and went into deep thought about what we can do. "Truth or dare?" suggested George. "Yeah! Why not?" I glanced at everyone and they all gave me a nod. "So who starts?" I asked. "Why not you since you're the birthday boy." George said. "Fine." as I looked at everyone wondering who to pick. "May truth or dare?" I questioned her, "Truth!" she said. "What is the furthest thing you ever did with a boy?" I questioned, but I had no idea why I asked that, it was none of my business. May blushed before answering, making me melt a bit inside... What was all this I was feeling? "Kiss/make-out." she said. Oh, I thought to myself , she's done more than me...

"George truth or dare?" May asked. "DARE!" George said, "Umm, I dare you to... lick... Harry's foot." George stood up and came right in front of me, "No!" I protested, but the rest of the guys pinned me down and George grabbed my bare foot and LICKED IT. "Eww." May said, "What you dared me." George simply replied, and the boys released me as I stood up and headed to the bathroom to rinse my foot.

            When I came back everyone was giggling, but May and Thomas were blushing like crazy! What did I miss? "What happened?" I asked. "George choose Thomas and he choose truth and was asked who he fancies... And he answered... May!" Frankie said. I was completely gobsmacked, May probably saw my face because she began to fiddle with her hair and avoid eye contact with me.

"May truth or dare?" Frankie asked, grabbing everyone's attention. "Tru.." May began to say but George cut her off, "You can't choose truth again since you choose it last time! So you have to do dare!" George and Frankie had an evil smirk plastered on their faces, "I dare you too..." Frankie said as he looked at George and they nodded at each other, "kiss Thomas. On the lips!".


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