Halloween Bites (One Direction)

So basically it involves One Direction, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and some original characters. Savannah and Quinn are both vampires, and they're 17. Soo....yeah. Enjoy! ^-^


2. Locking Eyes For the First Time . . .

We tore past everyone dancing and flew across the room. It was easy to keep up as we dodged around people and tables and junk all over the floor. That was, until, I wasn't looking, and I stepped on a plastic cup. I stumbled forward, and almost regained my balance, until Quinn tripped over the same cup. She knocked into me, and we both sort of trip-ran, until we knocked into two people headed the opposite direction. (But we can only go in ONE DIRECTION! D: XD)

"Sorry love." The first one said, catching me before I could fall. He straightened me up.

"Oh, no, it's not your fault." I replied, dusting off my cloak. "We should have watched where we were going."

He smiled down at me, and I realized he must have been one of the boys who was looking at Quinn and I when we first walked in. Wait- Quinn!

I looked over at her, and saw her talking to the curly haired guy she had run into. I looked over my shoulder to find Jason approaching quickly. I turned around again looked into the boy's blue eyes. "Sorry, we have to go now." I tugged on Quinn's sleeve, but she shook me off.

"Oh. Um...wait...what are you running for?" I realized now that he had an accent. A British accent...that sounded very, very familiar.

"Uh...well..." I didn't have time to finish before we heard the loud roar of a chainsaw again. I grabbed the boys arm and we ducked behind the counter. "That." I pointed at Jason as he ran by.

He looked at him, confused. "Why-"

"No time to explain." I replied quickly, standing up and walking out from behind the counter. "But, all I can really say is...well, he's angry. Really angry. Both of them are. And they're trying to kill us."


"Where is he?" Quinn asked, before I had a chance to explain.

"He's back there, but not far from us. We should get going."

"But why? Why are they trying to kill you? Who are they? Who are you?"

"Calm down!" Quinn sighed. "We don't have any time to explain. He'll be coming back any second when he realizes we're not there." She started walking off, and I followed closely.

"Wait, you can't leave. Look!" The boy grabbed my arm and pointed. I whipped my head around to see Jason stomping in anger, and running out the door. The cuts stopped forming on peoples' skin and the air seemed to grow lighter.

"They must think we left." I smiled.

"Not so fast." Said the other boy with the curly hair. "This could be a trick."

"Now you're starting to think like us." Quinn grinned. Then she suggested, "But while they're gone, we should try to have some fun."

The boys grinned. "So...would you like to dance? You know, before the murderers come back to kill you?" Laughed the first boy, holding out his hand.

I giggled. "Sure." I took his hand and all four of us went back into the living room to dance.

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