Halloween Bites (One Direction)

So basically it involves One Direction, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and some original characters. Savannah and Quinn are both vampires, and they're 17. Soo....yeah. Enjoy! ^-^


3. All Over Againnnnnnnnn....DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!!!!! Looooool I'm a weirdo XD DORKASAURUS! LOLOLOLOLOL OMG IM SO BRIEST! OMG lol inside joke wit Brie :P BRIEEESSTTT! Only me and Brie can be Briest :P

After a few hours, that felt like minutes, of dancing, I decided to try and find out who these guys were.

Just as I was about to ask, however, the first boy beat me to it. "So, what's your name?"

I looked up at him. "I'm Savannah." I smiled.

He smiled back. "That's a beautiful name."

"So, you are?"

He grinned. "Well, if I told you, that wouldn't be much fun, now would it?"

"No offense or anything, but that kinda makes you sound like a rapist." I giggled.

"Don't worry." He laughed. He had a really cute laugh. It took me a moment before I found myself blushing at that thought. "I can assure you I'm not."

"Good. Because you seem way too-" I was cut off for what seemed like the hundredth time that night at the sound of a chainsaw once again. I sighed. "Well, now we seriously have to go. It was really nice meeting you- well, sort of- but I kinda treasure my life, so..." I smiled apologetically and started to run off.

"Wait!" He caught my arm but kept up the pace at my side. "We'll come with you!"

I looked over at Quinn, who nodded, but I think it was obvious I didn't need her help with this decision. I turned back to the boy while still running. "I guess you can come." I smiled.

He smiled back as the four of us burst through the doors of the mansion and down the street. We ran and ran for what felt like forever, until we stopped to catch our breath. Well, rather, we stopped for the boys to catch their breath. Quinn and I, being immortal and all, didn't really run out of breath ever.

When they finally regained their breath, we listened closely for the sound of a chainsaw or possibly running feet. Fortunately, the only sound was the zoom of cars as they passed by on the street. It was still dark out, but I figured it was extremely late, considering the fact that we left sometime after 1 AM.

"Quinn, check your watch." I pulled my hood up against the freezing night air, and the first boy draped and arm around my shoulder.

Quinn pulled a small pocket watch type thing out of her dress pocket and opened it. "One forty-seven." She flipped the watch shut and put it back in her pocket.

I yawned. "I'm getting kinda tired. I think we should find somewhere to rest a bit. Not too long though, or Freddy might get a hold of us. And there's almost no way to get out of his grip alive." I shuddered at the thought of any of us getting killed by him.

"Good idea." Said the second boy. "But where are we gonna go?"

"What about the abandoned motel at the end of Madeland Street? It's only a couple blocks away and all the doors are unlocked." Suggested Quinn, smiling at the other boy.

"Sounds good to me." Agreed the first boy.

We finally reached the abandoned motel and decided to go up to the second floor. There were only two floors, but all the first floor ones were locked for some reason. Quinn thought it may be a trap, but I assured her that the owners probably just didn't feel like locking everything up when they left, and didn't really give a rat's butt what happened to the building when they left.

We all headed up the steps and went into the 7th room. I couldn't wait to get to sleep, mainly because I was extremely tired (and yes, vampires get tired too sometimes), but also because I was eager to see the face behind the mask. I wanted to see who these mysterious boys really were. My only concern was that they seemed familiar, but I was almost positive I had never met them in my entire life. I had thought that they could have been Quinn's friends, but she told me they were the only people at the party she didn't know. All those 5 boys.

When we got to the room, it was great. But there was only one small problem: there was only one double bed and a fold out couch.

"Well then, I guess Sav and I will take the bed and you guys can get the couch." Sighed Quinn.

"Uh, no." I countered. "The last time I was forced to sleep with you, you kicked me in the stomach because you had a dream you were being attacked by ni-ninjas." By the time I finished that sentence, I couldn't keep a straight face. I was laughing really hard as I realized how stupid yet funny that sounded.

Quinn rolled her eyes at me and went to use the bathroom, and the other boy went to do (time) lord (hehe get it? Timelord? Doctor Who? Hehe I'm hi-larry-ous! :P Oh Glob I crack myself up XD) knows what (Oh God I just made that sentence really confusing with all those parentheses. Okayz I'll stop...FOR NOW >:) Moohahahaha!)

I caught the first boy sort of staring at me when I was laughing. I suddenly grew self-conscious and calmed my laughter. "What?" I asked, biting my lip slightly.

"What? Oh, nothing it's just...you have a beautiful laugh." He smiled that amazing smile of his. Wait- damn it Savannah snap out of it! You don't even know the guys name! Or what half of his face even looks like! But from what I could see of it, he looked pretty cute. Oh God, Savannah, shut up!

I felt my face grow bright red as I blushed and looked at the ground. As if on cue, the somewhat awkward moment was cut off as Quinn walked out of the bathroom. The curly-haired boy walked into the small room from the closet. He must have hung up his coat or something.

"Well, then I guess we should just hang out for a while until we get to a max level of tired and figure it out then." Said Quinn. She jumped onto the bed and sat against the wall next to the other boy.

"Fine by me." Said the first boy. To tired to protest, I sat next to him on the already folded-out couch and slid my freezing legs under the covers. We talked for only a bit and before we knew it, everyone was fast asleep. The boys even fell asleep with their masks on. Damn. I would try to take the masks off, but I was afraid it might wake them up. I finally drifted off to sleep for the night.

I awoke from peaceful sleep only a couple times, which was pretty good considering our current position with Freddy and Jason. But so far, after a few hours of sleep, none of us had been bothered. I opened my eyes just a bit and looked around. It was pitch black, and I couldn't see a thing apart from the small area where the moonlight poured in from small slits in the blinds.

I smiled to myself as I felt an arm around my waist, knowing exactly who it was. Snuggling further into the mound of warm covers, I enjoyed the warmth and almost instantly fell back to sleep.

Sadly, that was the last peaceful bit of sleep I was going to get.

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