Gotta Be You

Hailey and Alex are best friends who love one direction. One day they are sitting together reading a magazine and see the chance to enter a contest to win one lucky kiss with Liam Payne. Read more to see what happens! This is my first movella so sorry if it isnt what you're looking for! (P.S- im not finished with the story this is where im up to at the moment)


10. The kiss

Part 10


Alex’s POV

“OMG the movie was amazing!” Hailey was screaming as we left the theatre.

“Ya I’m so glad that we went to go see it” 

“Literally the best movie ever” Hailey screamed

“hahaha you are a little over excited”

I’m glad that we got to hang out and that Hailey didn’t know maybe things will work out.  Just then my phone buzzed.  It was a text from Liam.

“Meet me at the rehearsal studio in 15” Liam said

“Is everything ok?”

“Ya I just really need to talk to you” he replied immediately

“Ok ill be over soon”

“Who was that?” Hailey asked

“Umm my mom she said that she needs me home right now.  Ill see you tomorrow”

“oh ok talk to you later” Hailey replied


Hailey’s POV

It was only 8 why would Alex’s mom want her home she usually lets her stay out till 11.  Alex was definitely hiding something from me and I was going to find out what.  I decided to go home, get my car, and go over to her house.  As I was pulling up to her house I saw her pulling out of the driveway.  Where could she be going?  I have to follow her.  I know it isn’t the right thing but I have to find out what’s up.  We were driving for a little bit and then I got stopped at a red light and she went through.  Shoot I’m gonna loose her.  The light turned green and I started driving again.  I passed the boys rehearsal studio as I was passing I just so happen to look in the parking lot.  Alex’s car was there.  Was she seeing Louis?


Liams POV

I was waiting nervously in the rehersal studio was she coming it had already been 20 minutes.  Alex suddenly walked in. 


“Hi” she replied

“I like your outfit”

What was I thinking that sounds so stupid!

“Umm thanks?” she replied

She had such a pretty smile.  Stop it Liam what are you doing.

“So what was it you wanted to talk to me about” she said

“Well umm this is kinda hard to say but um”

I couldn’t get it out I felt like I was on mute.

“Yess…” she questioned

I had to say it maybe she liked me too I just had to spit it out.

“I like you”

“I like you too?” she said

“No Alex I like you like you”

“Oh” she replied

All of a sudden I felt my eyes close and my lips pressing against hers.  It felt just right.


Alex’s POV

He was perfect I really did like him.  Wait what am I doing I cant kiss him he is my best friend’s boyfriend.  I quickly pulled away.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to…” Liam said quickly

“No it was my fault to” I replied quickly

“Sooo” Liam said awkwardly

We just sat there for a few minutes silently and awkwardly.

“I really wanna kiss you again” Liam said

“I do to but what about Hailey?”

“She doesn’t have to find out does she? He asked

“Oh whatever she isn’t going to find out” I said as I leaned in.

It felt even better than before I think I loved him.

“ALEX!” All of a sudden I looked up and I saw Hailey.

“How could you do this to me you are my best friend or at least I thought you were” Hailey screamed

“Hailey please, its not what it looks like” I tried calming her

“Well than what is it because all I see is you making out with my boyfriend, and Liam I thought we were together I trusted you” Hailey yelled  

Hailey burst into tears and ran out.

“Hailey wait please I’m sorry!” I was about to cry. I tried catching up to her but it was to late

I turned to Liam who looked really upset.  I had to go find Hailey I needed her to know I was sorry.

“I have to go Liam, she is my best friend I can’t afford to loose her”

“I’m really sorry Alex I didn’t mean for this to happen tell her I’m sorry if you see her,” Liam said sadly

“I will”

With that I ran out the door got in my car and started driving I needed to find Hailey.


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