Gotta Be You

Hailey and Alex are best friends who love one direction. One day they are sitting together reading a magazine and see the chance to enter a contest to win one lucky kiss with Liam Payne. Read more to see what happens! This is my first movella so sorry if it isnt what you're looking for! (P.S- im not finished with the story this is where im up to at the moment)


13. Mini Golf

Haileys P.O.V

“Where are we going!” I yelled

“You will see you’ll see” Niall said

Soon we pulled up to putt putt.  The local mini golf course.  I loved mini golf this was just the thing to cheer me up.

“Mini golf!” I said excitingly

“Yup, who doesn’t love mini golf?” Niall said

“I don’t know whoever doesn’t is crazy though!”

“Yes, yes they are.  Come lets go get our clubs”

We got our clubs and went to the first hole.

“I am going to get a whole in one you just watch and see” I said to Niall

“You! Please! I am the mini golf king”

I hit the ball and luckily it when in.

“WOOOOO haha what did I tell you hole in one!”

“Wow you are good we will see” Niall said

Niall hit the ball and it just missed the hole.

“Now who’s the best!” I screamed

“Ok ok we will see we still have 17 holes to go!” He said

We kept going for 16 holes and finally we got to the last one and I was in the lead.

“Ok Niall if I get a hole in one you have to….” I couldn’t think of something

“How bout we decide if you actually make it in…which you wont” Niall said

“Ok we will see” I said

I hit the ball and it went in!


“Uch how did that even go in! How bout I take you out for ice cream as a victory present” 

“Works for me!”

We went out for ice cream and talked and got to know more about each other.  Finally it was around 4 when we pulled up to my house.

“Thanks Niall for making me feel a little better at least I know I have someone” I said

“No problem I am here for you whatever you need”

“Thanks.  I better go in.  Ill see you soon”

I got out of the car and started to close the door.

“Oh wait” Niall said

“Ya?” I asked

“Do you um maybe want to go out for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Ya that would be nice” I said with a smile

“Ok great I’ll text you the details tomorrow!”

“Ok bye” I said


I shut the door and started to walk up the path into my house.  As I was walking I thought to myself how happy I was that he asked me to go to dinner with him.  Was I starting to fall for Niall? 

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