Gotta Be You

Hailey and Alex are best friends who love one direction. One day they are sitting together reading a magazine and see the chance to enter a contest to win one lucky kiss with Liam Payne. Read more to see what happens! This is my first movella so sorry if it isnt what you're looking for! (P.S- im not finished with the story this is where im up to at the moment)


3. Getting ready

Part 3


Alexs POV

I hung up on Hailey not because I had to go but because I wanted to go.   I mean I love her and all but I need some time to think.  What am I going to where? What am I going to say? Will they like me?  I am meeting my favorite band ever.  I will get a cute outfit tomorrow at the mall.


Hailey’s POV

I woke up thinking this is just gonna be another new stupid day and then I remembered I AM GOING TO MEET LIAM PAYNE!!! I called Alex it was eleven o’clock.

“Hey budddd” I said happily

“Hey” Alex said tiredly

“Guess what” I said

“What” she asked back


“Ya I am probably gonna be deaf before we actually meet them” she said

“Lighten up my friend be jolly” I said while laughing

“Ya, ya, ya” she said

“Come over in and hour and we will take my car to the mall” I said

“Ok see you then” she replied

I hung up the phone. Now I had to find what I was going to where.  After throwing practically everything out of my closet I finally decided to where a pair of shorts and a tshirt.  I ate breakfast and then I heard the doorbell ring.  It was Alex.  She looked really cute in what she was wearing.

We got into my car and drove to the mall.  We went to about a billion stores before we found the right outfit.

“Hey hail, how do u think this looks?” Alex asked

She had picked out a cute pink top and a pair of gray hard tail pants.

“You’re giving a hi I am cute but I m not trying to throw myself on you type vibe”

“Hahaha thanks that’s kinda the look I was going for” Alex said

“What do u think about mine?”

I found a cute shirt with the beadles on it and a pair of black leggings.

“You look so cute Liam will love it!” Alex said

We went to the cashier and paid for our new outfits.  This was going to be a great night.


Alex’s POV

I was quite satisfied with what I had gotten at the mall.  I looked really cute.  It wasn’t fancy but it wasn’t the most casual thing in the world.  Hailey’s outfit was a little fancier but not full on fancy.

“You wanna get some lunch I am kinda hungry?”

“Sure and then we will go get shoes and manicures,” Hailey said


It was already two o’clock and I was starving Hailey may want to rush and get shoes and stuff but I just wanted food.  We walked to the food court and got some lunch. 


Hailey’s POV

We finished our lunch and went to go get manicures and shoes for tonight.  I got Nike sneakers and Alex got converse.  We were finally finished with our day and it was four o’clock.  We decided to go home and chill before we actually had to go.   I was thinking about tonight when Alex interrupted my thoughts.

“Hey Hail, do you think Lou will like me?” Alex asked

“Ya of course! Why would you think otherwise?”

“I don’t know I don’t think I am pretty enough for him” she said

“Alex you are gorgeous you have the prettiest blonde hair and it matches perfectly with your blue eyes”

“Thanks.  I know Liam will like you.  You’re the prettiest girl I know” she said

“Thanks but I don’t think so”

She just shrugged.  The rest of the ride we were both quite.  We were both thinking.  Just thinking.



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