Gotta Be You

Hailey and Alex are best friends who love one direction. One day they are sitting together reading a magazine and see the chance to enter a contest to win one lucky kiss with Liam Payne. Read more to see what happens! This is my first movella so sorry if it isnt what you're looking for! (P.S- im not finished with the story this is where im up to at the moment)


4. Almost there

Part 4

Hailey’s POV

When I got home I decided to take a nap because after all that shopping I was quite tired.  I decided to relax.  I was reading a book when I fell asleep.  I had a dream that as we were driving to meet the boys Alex and I were singing and jumping and we lost control of the car and crashed.  I woke up and screamed.  I looked at the clock and realized it was already 6:00.  Shoot I had to get ready I was supposed to be there at 7 which means I had to leave at 6:45 which is in 45 minutes!!  I got ready by 6:45 on the button I was wearing my new outfit from the mall        I went to go pick up Alex.  She came out wearing the outfit she got from the mall earlier today.   


“Hey get in quick otherwise we are going to be late!”

“I’m coming I’m coming chill.” She said while getting in the car

She sat down and she took a breath and looked at me.

“You ready?” she asked

“I don’t think that I have ever been more ready in my whole life”

“Lets go!” she screamed

As I was driving away I put the roof down of my convertible the weather was great it wasn’t to hot but it wasn’t cold.  Alex put her hands up and screamed.  Both of are hair was flying back because of the wind.  I was ready to meet the boys.


Alex’s POV

I was so excited to meet the boys I think I was a little too excited I was screaming and waving and just going crazy.  Hailey was talking and I wasn’t really listening I was mostly thinking of what I was going to say to Louis.

“Hey what if the boys aren’t as amazing as they seem?” Hailey asked

I didn’t answer because I wasn’t really paying attention but then she repeated herself.

“Oh sorry.  If they’re not then they’re not there is nothing we can do about it”

“Ya I guess but hopefully they are” Hailey said

“Ya me too”

We were almost there just 5 more minutes to go.  This was our time to show the boys what they had been missing.



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