Gotta Be You

Hailey and Alex are best friends who love one direction. One day they are sitting together reading a magazine and see the chance to enter a contest to win one lucky kiss with Liam Payne. Read more to see what happens! This is my first movella so sorry if it isnt what you're looking for! (P.S- im not finished with the story this is where im up to at the moment)


6. A text

Part 6

We walked inside and I yelled to my dad that we were home and that Alex was sleeping over and then we went up to my room.  We went up and changed into our pajamas and then decided to watch a movie.  We watched peter pan because every once in a while a good old Disney movie couldn’t hurt.  After the movie was over we decided to go downstairs and make ice cream Sundays considering it was only around 11:30.  By the time we finished making our Sundaes it was 12.  We went back upstairs and I looked at my phone and I got a text message.  It was from Liam.  I started freaking out.

“Alex I got a text message from Liam!!”

“Oh my gosh! No way what did he say?!” she said excitedly

“He asked me if I wanna get coffee tomorrow morning!”

“Oh my god, say yes!” Alex screamed

“Wait but you are here and I don’t wanna ditch you”

“Ummm do you think I care it is Liam freaking Payne!” Alex screamed again

“I have an idea I will tell him that I am gonna bring you alon-“

“NO I will go home and you go” she said

“You didn’t even let me finish I will ask to bring you and ask if Louis can come”

“Ok that sounds fine” Alex replied

“Yay” I said while texting Liam

“Wait Hailey what are we gonna wear?”

“I don’t know! AHHHHHH!”

“Ok keep calm we will find something” Alex said reassuringly


Alexs POV

I was really happy for Hailey but kinda jealous.  I mean I wasn’t going to go destroying her relationship but she is kind of bragging about the whole thing.  Louis didn’t text me, he must not like me that much.

“AHHHHH” Hailey screamed

“What Hailey? You are going to make me go deaf!”

“He said Louis said that he would come” Hailey said

“Yay did you think he would say no?”

“No of course not you guys were meant to be!” Hailey said smiling

I just looked at her and couldn’t help myself but smile.

“You know you’re crazy right?”

“I sure do!” Hailey replied

“Ok let’s pick out our outfits so we can just shower and get ready tomorrow”

“Good idea” Hailey replied

We picked out our outfits and then Hailey fell asleep as soon as she lay down.  I thought for a while about the coming day and then before I knew it I had fallen asleep also.



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