Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


17. The Morning After

I wake up the next morning and I'm hurting all over. My body aches... (Harry LOL), my stomach is in knots, and I have a massive headache. I read the clock on the night stand and it says 9am. Great I only slept for about 4 hours. Harry's already up but I don't hear him. I put on a pair of Harry's boxers and one of his flannel shirts. As I do that I get super dizzy and I have to sit down. Great a hangover.

I slowly walk into the living room and I hit my hip on the wall. Harry stops rubbing his head and turns around; he was sitting on the couch.

"I'm fine." I wave off to him, rubbing my hip.

"Sure. Can you walk?" He says and gets up and walks to me.

"Yeah." I say, "I just have a headache."

Harry takes my hand and puts one arm on my waist."I guess I didn't go hard enough last night..." He says. I hit his chest and we both let out a faint little chuckle.

He then walks me over to the kitchen table for me to sit down. Harry already made himself and me a cup of coffee and he places it in front of me with two Advils.

"Here babe. This should help with the headache and body." And he gives me a wink.

"Sometimes I wonder about you, Haz. I laugh and take the Advil.

"What?" He laughs and takes a sip of coffee.

"Too early. Too loud." I squint my face.

"First hang over huh?" Harry asks and sits next to me and places his large hand on my shoulder.

"Kinda. First major hangover..." And I rest my head on his hand.

"Come on, let's get you in the shower." Harry says and helps me up.

"Ok." I stand up but get really dizzy again and fall back into Harry's arms.

"Maybe I did go hard last night. You can't even stand." Harry laughs and picks me up bridal style.

"Shut up. I can walk I just got dizzy. You just have to go harder tonight then." I smirk and laugh. "SIKE! We're leaving tonight so sucks for you!" And I push Harry out the bathroom door so I could take a shower.

"You love to tease me and it makes me want you so badly!! Dalis??? I hope you know that!!" Harry says knocking on the door.

I open the door and put a hand on his chest and the other behind his neck grabbing his curls. I bite my lip and I'm an inch from his face; wearing only his boxers and flannel. "Yeah I know" I say and turn around to go back into the bathroom.

"But you know you love me!!" I scream.

"Yeah yeah!" Harry laughs and walks back to the living room.

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