Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


15. Our First Holiday Season

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas...." Harry starts to sing as we start to decorate our tree. The lights on the tree are all up, the little Christmas village on the mantle is lit up and the lights are barely dimmed with holiday music in the background.

After about 20 minutes of decorating the tree, I put the last ornament on and Harry takes my hand and holds me close.

"Our very first Christmas together." He smiles and I look at him.

"Wow. You're right, even when we dated we never spent Christmas together." I kiss those lips that are calling my name.

"Crazy right? So are you excited to fly back home for the holidays?"

"Of course! I haven't seen them since September when they came to visit us. I can't wait! And then New Years is when we're all getting together right and having the party?"

"Yup, but I want you to myself New Years Eve." Harry says and slides his hand up my inner thigh and kisses right below my ear.

I smirk. "Harry..." but I can't stop him. When he touches me I still get all giddy and it's like I'm casted by a spell.

I straddle Harry and I unbutton his flannel and rub my hands on his chest. I can feel Harry's smile inbetween kisses and I can't help but smile too. Harry and I switch positions and I'm now under him lying on the couch.

The phone starts to ring and luckily it was on the lamp table next to where we were making out.

"Hello?" I answer while Harry is still kissing my neck.

"I'M ENGAGED!!!" I here Lauren scream on the other end

I sit up nearly pushing Harry to the side and scream back to her, "WHAT??? HOW OH MY GOD CONGRATS!!!"

"Ah Dalis! Thank you! Holy crap I'm marrying Niall. Dalis!!!! He did it in front of my family like 15 minutes ago. We were eating dinner and then he just got down on one knee and proposed!" Lauren and I talked for about 10 minutes before Harry started to groan a little bit. He wants me ohh yeah!

"Lauren I'm so happy for you!! I'll talk to you tomorrow! Love ya babes!" And we say goodbye and I tell Harry what happened.

"It's about friggin time! Niall picked out Lauren's ring when I picked out yours, so like over a year ago we picked it out. Looks like I was the bigger man..." And with that ending sentence I slowly make my way over to Harry and straddle him again and start biting my lip.

"You know exactly what to do to me to make me want you." Harry whispers and he leads me to the bedroom where we fall in love all over again.

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