Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


16. New Years Eve

"Wasn't One Direction lovely. What a great performance!" Ryan Secrest says to the crowd in Times Square. All you hear is the crowd screaming! The boys performed right under the ball at 11:30 and us girls were all there.

"Almost time..." Harry whispers to me and holds me. It was so freaking cold outside my hands were numb.

"10...." Harry wraps his arms around as we stare up into the sky looking at the ball in Times Square.

"9...." I grab Lauren's hand and pull her over to where Harry and I are standing. The others are nowhere to be found, but they're somewhere in Times Square.

"8...." I move closer to Harry and he squeezes me tight.

"7...." This is my first time in Times Square for New Years Eve and i'm super excited and I'm so happy I get to share it with my best friend, AND my husband.

"6.... 5....4...." I look at Harry and smile.

"3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" The balloons and music and lights and everything goes off and it's all mayhem.

"Happy new year love." Harry says and kisses me so passionately I wanted to rip off his clothes and do it right then and there.

After that wonderful first kiss of the new year I jump to Lauren and scream, "HAPPY NEW YEAR LO!!!"

"Happy new year!!! I can't believe we finally came here tonight!! It's magical!" Lauren says, as Niall takes her away. They're probably going to the party. Niall likes to be the first one always.

I feel Harry's arms around me and we make our way to the car that's taking us to the party. I can't wait!

"Happy New Year...!!!" Louis' friend says and we all take another shot. To be honest, I'm not a big drinker, but tonight I went a little overboard. This has got to be my 5th shot; so basically we're all drunk.

"I can't stop. Let's go." Harry says and takes my hand and we head to the car, almost stumbling over.

His hands are all over me and all I could do was giggle. We get into the car and the driver takes us back to our hotel, it's about 3am.

We get into the elevator and Harry's hands are traveling my whole body, leaving one hand on my waist and the other on my lower back. My hands are on his shoulder and around his neck. Once the elevator door closes we start to make out.. full force. I giggle once Harry starts to unzip my dress.

"You gotta wait just a wee bit longer." I smile and then the doors open to our room.

"Finally" Harry says and he backs me up against the room door and kisses my neck. We make our way to the bedroom, knocking over a few things and laughing about it on the way.

Just as I was about to wrap my legs around Harry, we bump into the little night stand behind the couch, it tips over. We stop what we're doing and look at the mess we made, then look back at each other and burst out laughing.

"Come here." Harry laughs quietly and Harry picks me up so I wrap my legs around his waist and I kiss him so hard.

We finally made it to the bedroom and my dress is on the ground as well as Harry's shirt. It's kind of a blur to me how we got out of our under garments but it happened.

Harry goes in and I'm all for it. For some odd reason I think of what Lauren and I used to say about having sex with Harry (before we met them). We always would laugh saying that my body is ready. And that's what I'm thinking about my right now; my body is ready.

After 20 minutes of hooking up and you know.... I lie on Harry's chest and he sings me to sleep. He's singing Baby I Love Your Way and I drift off to a light sleep. Harry kisses my forehead and then we both conk out.

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