Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


14. Moving In

"Bye mommy! Bye dad!!" I say and i kiss and hug my parents goodbye. Harry kisses my mom's cheek and then shakes my dad's hand.

"Take care of her!" My dad says.

"Of course, anything." Harry says and then Harry opens the car door for me to get in. My younger brother is driving us to the airport. Today we're flying to London and I'm moving in with Harry. All of my stuff has been shipped there and Lauren and Niall picked it up and put it in Harry's flat.

We drive down my road and I wave bye to the town I lived in. I'm not going to be living here anymore and it's kind of actually upsetting. We drive by the high school and I remember all the good memories I had there with my friends. Playing field hockey, digging up the field when it snowed, ditching our lunch period to go to the city for the day, and of course having basically everyone know I'm obsessed with One Direction. And now... now I'm married to one of the members.

After the long flight back to London we finally get there. We pick up our carry ons and we head to the car Niall left there for us to take.

We drive the usual 20 minutes to Harry's flat but we missed the turn I became so familiar with.

"Harry... you missed it." I say looking back at the street.

"No I didn't." Harry smiles.

"I'm pretty sure you did. Where are we going." And Harry doesn't answer me but takes my hand and kisses it instead.

About 10 minutes later we pull into a driveway that leads to a beautiful house.

"Harry?" I ask my face trying to hide my smile.

"Welcome home babe!" Harry says and gets out of the car.

"This is ours?" I ask completely surprised, and feeling Harry's arms around my neck hugging me.

"Yup. Do you like it?" He asks.

"Like it? I love it!!" I say and Harry takes my hand and leads me into the house. It was huge but homie at the same time.

Lauren and Niall left all my stuff in boxes, typical, and they were all in the living room. Harry's boxes were upstairs already.

"I tried to move my stuff in before I went to America for our wedding, but clearly I just moved the boxes in." Harry said and we start to open up boxes and start to make our new house, our home.

Harry puts on some music on the iHome speakers and we dance while we unpack and set up. After 4 hours we finally finish. We collapse on the couch and Harry's arm is around me and I cuddle up to him.

I am home.

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