Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


10. I Do

"Do you Harold Edward Styles take Dalis Jeanine Miller to be your lawful, wedded wife?"

"I do." Harry says smiling. He squeezes my hands.

"And do you Dalis Jeanine Miller take Harold Edward Styles to be your lawful, wedded husband?"

"I do." I smile and squeeze Harry's hands right back.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The priest said.

Harry's green eyes are shining and his lips are calling my name. I smile and, still holding hands, our lips barely meet and we kiss.

We break away after 3 seconds and smile at each other and then look out into our friends and family. They're clapping and Harry's hand leads my back to walk to the back of the church. As we walk down the aisle to the 'waiting room' I grab Harry's hand and I look around. I see my entire family and Harry's family. Then I see my friends from high school, and some from college. And then with Harry his friends from his hometown and his other friends like Nick Grimshaw, Ed Sheeran, and a few others, oh like Simon Cowell.

Harry and I are left in the room alone for a few minutes so that everyone could get out and wait outside for us so that they could through bubbles.

Harry smiles and looks at my lips. "Congratulations on your marriage, Mrs. Styles."

"Shut up and kiss me!" I say and I grab his face and kiss him. I can't believe I get to do this everyday with him for the rest of my life.

"Save it for tonight." Lauren opens the door and my face turns red.

Right before we head out to greet our guests and head to the park to get pictures and then the reception, Harry whispers in my ear while putting his hands on my bum, "She's right. I'll save it for tonight."

I laugh and grab his hand and we walk out.

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