Our Story

(Sequel to London) Harry and Dalis have been dating for almost about a year and they've had their ups and downs but they're now in the city of love and will spend the entire summer together and hopefully the rest of their lives. This is their story.


24. Harper Lorraine Styles

"Are you ready?" The nurse says to me. It's been a month since Harper's been born, and it's so weird to think that if I didn't get sick, she wouldn't be here yet. My parents have been staying with Harry's mom and stepdad for about a month, they got the next flight from Newark Airport straight to Heathrow (Harry's mom picked them up and came to the hospital.

"Yes!" I say with the biggest smile on my face. Today's the day I get to hold my daughter for the first time. She's now stable enough to be out of the incubator and in my arms. I sit on the chair in the NICU, a place I've come to know very much, I've been here everyday since Harper's birth.

Harry squats down next to me and the nurse lays my daughter in my arms. I have tears in my eyes from the beautiful baby in my hands.

"Oh my god Harry. She has your eyes and your nose!" I bend my head over and give Harper a little kiss on her forehead.

"She's beautiful." Harry says and gives me a kiss on my forehead. After holding Harper for like 5 minutes I give her up to Harry. We stay in this wonderful moment for about 20 minutes but then the nurse come back to us and says that Harper has to eat but we can come back soon.

Harry grabs my hand and we share a look. I smile and laugh. "I can't wait for her to come home."

"Me too babe." We get in the car and head to Anne's house to pick up our parents. They wanted us to hold Harper before they all got to come.

"How's she doing?" Anne asked.

"She's doing well. The nurse said in another month and a half she can come home. So cross your fingers." Harry smiles.

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