One Direction Imagines

This is just imagines. Only cause I get bored!


3. Mya and Niall



Niall was heading to the Army in an hour. You simply watched as Niall packed his stuff the gun was on the bed and he asked you to hand it to him.

"Promise to be safe." You said before handing him the gun.

"Promise." The replied and lightly kissed your forehead. 

"Are you ready?" You asked picking up his car keys.

"Yes. But can you drive me to the air port. I don't want this to be the last place we see each other before I come back." He said and took your hand.

"Of course babe." You said and grabbed your keys and headed to the car. 

On the car ride to the air port you were talking about how much you're going to miss each other and how much Niall's gonna miss the lads. Not once did either of you shed a tear. You arrived at the air port.

"Lads!" Niall yelled and hugged each of them.

"I told them to meet us here. I wanted you to say bye to them before you left." You said and sat down on a chair.

"Thank you." Niall said and kissed your lips. 

All of you talked until the flight attended called his flight number.

"I love you all." Niall said and gave each and everyone of you a hug even Louis' and Eleanor's little baby. You were last to be hugged.

"And most of all I love you two," He said kissing your mouth and belly. "I'll see him when I get back." 

"Yes. I love you Niall!" You shouted as he entered the doors.

You stood there watching the plain fly. You couldn't believe he was going to be gone for months. Hary came over and rubbed your belly. 

"It's almost due date!" Harry said and smiled.

"I know.." You said rubbing your own belly while a tear trickled down your saddened face.

_____Few months later_____

A taxi cab pulled up to your house. You grabbed your baby boy, James, in your arms and went to the door. You opened the door up.

"Are you Mya Horan?" A man asked.

"Yes. Why?" You replied.

"This is for you." He said handing you a letter. He drove off.

You looked at it, with the arm that was free you flipped it over. A telegram?

"No. No. No. No. This can't be!" You shouted. You put James down on a chair on the porch. 

You fell to your knees. 

"NOOO!" You shouted once more.

At the funeral you gently put the neatly folded Flag onto Niall's casket. You stood their saluting to your now dead husband. Everyone rose and saluted to Niall James Horan. He was a brave man to serve in the Military. Even James saluted to Niall.

"Bye bye daddy." James said and rubbed his eyes with his little fists.

That had made you break down in tears. You tried to stay strong but you couldn't.

"James will take care of you. I just know it." Louis said and wrapped you in a hug.


I made this one sad because I have already thought about this before. And it was either you dying because of something else or Niall dies. 

I picked this cause I knew every detail that I'd say. 

Hope you enjoyed it :) xx

~Payton Tomlinson xx

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