One Direction Imagines

This is just imagines. Only cause I get bored!


2. Cara and Louis

Enjoy Cara :)

You were brushing your blonde curly hair, when you would run the brush through it the curls would bounce back into place. You smiled at the mirror. You saw Louis having trouble with his tie. You put the brush down and helped him.

"The guest are gonna be here any second and you're having problems with your tie..." you said and chuckled.

"Well someone's dressed up!" He replied scanning me. You were wearing a red dress that came right above my knees, black heels, and the necklace that had an 'L' on it for Louis.

"Yes, because it's a party for the holidays. And your birthday. 21st birthday..." you said and finished with his tie.

"Thanks babe" He said and kissed your cheek.

The doorbell rang so you went to go get it. You just stood there looking at the four guys in front of me.

"Ugh you four?!" you said with sarcasm.

"Yeah, like we want to be here..." Zayn said and smirked.

"C'mon in," you said and hugged them as they came in. "Louis' upstairs getting ready. You'd think he'd be ready cause he's the man. But no he has to look perfect. He acts like he's the damn queen." 

"He is.." Harry said you all laughed.

"What's so funny?" Louis asked coming down the stairs all dressed up and looked hot but adorable.

"Nothing." Harry said.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you Cara. I only invited the guys here." Louis said.

"Why?" you asked.

"Cause, I wanted it private." He responds.

"Okay.." you said and walked in the kitchen.

"I'll help with the food." Niall said and walked in the kitchen with you.

"Just don't eat it." you said and laughed.

You and Niall brought out all the food you had prepared and set it on the coffee table. Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry were mumbling about something but you didn't hear what they were talking about. Louis just looked up at you and smiled. You sat next to him. They started to sing some Christmas songs. 

Louis smiled and got off the seat of the piano and got on one knee in front of you.

"Will you, Cara, marry me?" Louis said and pulled the ring out.

You looked around the room. All the boys were smiling and nodding their heads. You started to tear up.

"Yes. A hundred times yes!" You said.

"So you propose on your birthday and Christmas Eve?" Niall asked and laughed.

"Yes. I wanted it this way." He said and kissed you.

"I love you!" You and Louis said in unison.

"That was creepy.." Harry said. You all laughed and enjoyed the night.

You opened gifts later on and the next morning you went outside and there was snow. You had a snowball fight with everyone. Perrie and Danielle came too.

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