imagines (1D)

ok guys i am sorry my stories have sucked so bad where i dont feel like writing anymore but i am better at writting imagines so just comment your name the boy you want and setting and i will do the rest


2. louis for abygail

abygail yelled my older brother harry styles i want you to meet the lads right when you walked down to harry u see this tall brown hair blue eyed man it was love at first sight louis asked for your number you gave it to him when he left he texted you and asked you to be his girlfriend you said yes but dont tell hazza he is going to get mad *4 weeks later* you where playing truth or dare with the lads and when it got to your turn you said truth hazza said are you dating anyone you said yea he said who you said louis and he flipped out so hard where you where so scared *2 years later* harry is fine with the fact you guys are dating louis acaully pose to you in paris and you had a wonder full child with him


sorry its short

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