imagines (1D)

ok guys i am sorry my stories have sucked so bad where i dont feel like writing anymore but i am better at writting imagines so just comment your name the boy you want and setting and i will do the rest


5. harry for kat

KAT!!!!!!!!!!yelled my roomate shaylor what i yelled come on we need to explore london nowwwww she whined and did a baby pout ok lets go we wore (dont know how to spell)beanies we left are flat and when we got to the coner we found nandos it was perfect we whent inside and ate it was so good then these five boys came and saw us they sat down next to us at a diffrent table they over heard us talking about are fav. boy band one direction the turned around we where shocked and harry saw kat amazed at her beauty and we where mostly talking about niall and harry shay said niallwould never go out with me i am fat and ugly she always says that since she was 11 i told her she not niall turned around and came up to her and said i think your not fat your perfect your not ugly youur perfect for me  she was shocked then he whent to sit back down kat goes now you are happy right she said yes harry came over and said i heard you talking about us whant to hang out to night we said yeah after that we got all there numbers and whent home to get ready *5 months later* niall and shaylor where dating and kat and hazza  where dating it was perfect

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