imagines (1D)

ok guys i am sorry my stories have sucked so bad where i dont feel like writing anymore but i am better at writting imagines so just comment your name the boy you want and setting and i will do the rest


1. zayn for brenda

you and your best friend shay  just got back from america and shays brother who u never meet before is picking you guys up *14 hours later* shaylor runs out first she gets so exited when she saw her brother she was covering his face she acts like she nver saw him in a long time and when she lets go look so shocked its niall horan but your thinking her last name isnt horan then you ask her is that your brother yes she said i am sorry i never told you brenda but i have someone for you to meet when we get back to the flat then shaylor said she was adopted cause nialls mom couldnt handle a 4 year and an new born so she gave me up when greg and niall where gone. so when you get to the flat zayn is there shocked by your beautie *1 day later* zayn asks you on a date and you say yes.*2 years later* he proses to you and you are expecting  the godmother is shay but she is single so no godfather yet intell when he left there was this cute boy named jared they hang out for a while cause they knew before in 6th grade* 4 mounths later* you had your baby you named her emily and she was so pretty she look ju0st liked you dark hair with brown eyes and you and the boys went to the dinner after 2 weeks so after that u guys went out and had a blast :)


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