We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


14. Trying your best



Kate's pov.

I watched Zayn glance at me from time to time out of the corner of his eyes. When we go to his flat, he parked then jogged to my side to open the door for me. I almost smiled.

"Thanks Malik," I said stepping out. I couldn't muster the usual amount of sarcasm using his last name as I normally would be able to. He pushed the building door open for me and I followed his lead up the stairs  We went up three floors, each step getting heavier and slower. Harry would be there, acting. And I would be lying. Zayn opened his door for me and waved me in. I bowed a little and he just followed me, drumming his fingers against his pant leg. I walked into a small but bright kitchen, there sat a guy dressed in blue jeans and a nice t shirt. He caught Zayn's eye, and got up to introduce himself.

"Hello love, I'm Liam." He said smoothly. I liked his voice, it flowed better than Zayn's.

"Hi. I'm Kate," I said, trying on my new fake cheery voice. I felt Zayn stare at me for a second after the drastic change. I stuck my hand out and Liam grasped it tightly. He stepped away and Zayn led me towards another room. Lounged across a couch was ... Um, Louie and Niall?  Zayn cleared his throat, and they both stared at me.

Zayn's pov.

Liam was at the kitchen table drinking a glass of water and preparing lunch when I walked in. I had told him not to hug her, she just wasn't that clingy.I hadn't seen her in for months, well that is different. It was a relaxing sight: Kate would meet him first then think, 'wow, are all Malik's friends like this?' As if. After a polite hand shake I lead her over to the living room. Niall and Louis were just casually laying across it, legs near the upper pillows. I cleared my throat. Niall looked up interested, and Louis smirked. Kate just stood there biting her lip off.

"Hi guys this is Kate." My tone implied there was no jokes to be said.

"Hello beautiful." Niall stood up. No Niall, you can't crush on her. Kate apparently didn't like that either, because she just just responded with a fake voice, "hey! You're Niall right?" Kate's usually not this cheery. Like I'm not sayings she's was always miserable or anything, but she was never overly bubbly.

Niall blushed. Louis got up and walked over to Kate. He smirked again at her, and raised his eyebrows. "I'm Louis. You have to be the wonderful Kate that Zayn does not shut up about? I'm the guy behind all the love messages Zayn's ever sent you." Kate smiled a little and nodded while I shot Louis a death stare.

"Malik you talk about me?" She said turning her head. I was going to laugh sheepishly but something the way her voice caught stopped me, like she wasn't joking, but really wondering.

"Uh no, not really."

"Bullshit," Louis coughed. Kate laughed a little too, her voice returning to its sarcastic state.
"Oh Malik, I'm honored!"

Niall laughed a bit too and said, "Zayn why didn't you bring her over sooner she's hilarious." Louis was nodding and Kate was thanking Niall.

"I-I don't know really...." Suddenly I though of the perfect thing to do, to show that Niall wasn't aloud to to date Kate. I put my arms around her waist, wrapping them around and I put my head  on her shoulder, in a very boy friend like position. And said, "'Cos I wanted to keep her all to my self."

Louis face went to shock as Niall's by-passed shock and went to suppressed anger. But what really threw me was Kate's gasp. It was surprised, sure but it was like a scared sound.

I immediately began to pull away as Niall said, "Let her go, Zayn."

She stepped towards Niall and looked back at me. "It was just a joke guys." I tried to explain. Louis laughed uneasily trying to break the tension. Kate just stared at me wide eyed as Niall tried to get her attention.

Liam's voice pulled us back to earth. "Zayn? Lunch is ready... I don't know what you want me to do with...." He stopped as he entered the room, glancing from Kate to me to Niall.  We kind of all shook our selves out and followed him to the kitchen, where Liam had set the table for six. I grabbed plates, and passed one to Kate. "Um just grab what you want, Lou will help...." I didn't finish as I dragged Niall out of the room.

"Lunch...." He moaned.

"Niall." My voice was filled with fake authority.


"You are not allowed to ask Kate out on a date, nor ask her to be your girlfriend."

Niall pouted. "Why?"


"Mate I thought you didn't like her."

"I don't, just...Niall."

"Fine," he walked back towards kitchen, shaking his head. I followed him and put a grin on my face.

Kate had made herself comfortable with Liam to her right and Louis across from her. Niall headed towards the empty seat next to Kate, but I put my hand on his shoulder. How could he forget so quickly?

"That plate has more food." I said, cocking my head to the seat at the end of the table pointedly, the seat farthest away from her.

"Err...right." He sat down and I pulled the chair next to Kate out. I thought I heard a minuscule sigh escape her lips but it could've been all my imagination.

Kate's pov.

The dinner- lunch thing was nice with Zayn. I liked sitting at a real table with lots of people at it. I hadn't had a real meal like that since my parents died, the latest.

And what people I was sitting with!  There was the funny and amusing Louis with always the right thing to say. I almost bit my tongue off to keep from laughing. Then there was Liam who was just a good guy, and not bad to look at either. He smiled easily and made me feel comfortable. Niall. Now, I'm not one to fangirl, but he was very attractive. In a cute little boy way. His blonde head was all messy and he laughed so much. It was contagious, you couldn't help but feel good too. It almost made me forget it. Almost.

Zayn sat next to me, just like old times. He was becoming a bit of a damper on today, but nonetheless I was happy to see him and the the rest of the band. I knew he would be watching me, just like in the car. He would find out. Then they all would. He wouldn't look at me the same. None would either, they would just find me disgusting. Or they would think I was lying. Then I would lose Zayn....

The sixth placement set wasn't filled and for that I was relieved. It had been Zayn who had popped the question.

"So Liam, who's the extra place for?"

"Harry." He said throwing Zayn an apologetic glance. "I maybe thought he would be better, now." I had stiffened at the casual mention of his name. Zayn noticed I'm sure but did not say anything.

Louis nodded like he knew that and patted the empty seat next to him. "Poor lad's missing the party of the century right now. Although I heard, Zayn," he wiggled his eyebrows, "he partied pretty hard last night too."

"Really?" Liam cut into the conversation, looking up from his phone.

Zayn laughed. "Oh yeah, I told Lou this morning."

"I'm never up for anything," Niall groaned then shot me a smirk. I forced a small laugh out then turned to Zayn.

"So the idiot cones around at like 1:30. And I'm asleep. He's knocking on the door, and I was like, "what do you want? Harry gets all guilty looking, repeating that he needs to tell me something."

I can feel my fingers trying to ball them selves up into even tighter fists, the blood is rushing by my ears. He wouldn't have told of his own deed, surely?

"And then before even telling me he passes out! In my flat no less." Zayn finishes his little rant with a roaring Niall.

"Reminds me of someone else I know," I mutter poking his arm. I'm relieved  nothing was said, I can carry on moving on, changing the subject. Zayn didn't know.

Louis chuckled and winked. "Cheeky are we?"

"I try." I say coolly back.

He was about to answer when his phone vibrated. "Oh my butt seems to be vibrating." He said reaching behind him. Zayn groaned and shot me a bad poker face. I just grinned forced, back at him. He was murmuring something about Louis, I wasn't really listening. What had Harry been thinking last night?  New reason to add to my ever growing list: Zayn finds it funny when somebody wants to talk....

Louis placed the phone on the table making Zayn straighten up. "Well Kate it seems this is your lucky day. You will get  to meet Hazza" he said brightly. "Harry seems to be over a rather short hangover. He will be coming in-"

The door to the flat was opened rudely and I had to keep in my fear. Harry was in front of me, acting as if he'd never met me before. He had a grin on his face, unlike the smirk he'd worn last night. My shoulder was throbbing. I could feel his suffocating presence  He walked briskly to the table and sat in the empty seat. In front of me.

He greeted everyone stopping at Zayn and me. "So Zayn who is this lovely lady?" His voice was slick, fooling no one especially not Zayn. How could we forget how we had met? Zayn replied with an air of coolness. He was obviously  still annoyed at Harry's passing out. "This, Harry, is the lovely lady you pushed me to almost half a year ago." He turned to me smiled at me.

"Oh really?" His voice edged higher, mocking either me or Zayn. "Imagine that." Harry reached for food across the table, leaning toward Zayn's plate. My breath hitched, and time slowed. His intricately long, strong fingers reached over plucked a quesadilla part from the plate and withdrew, hovering a second longer, moving closer to my side of the table.

I pushed out suddenly, the chair making a screeching sound away from the table. I stood up suddenly and ridged. Zayn turned surprised,  his eyes wide. Harry looked at me with mock concern. "Katherine?" he said, innocent. He had used my first name. Taking a deep breath, I let it out slowly, waving a hand at his concern, turning to Zayn again, always my safety net.

"Malik, where's your restroom?"

"Uhh, this way," he got up and joined me uneasily, leading me down a short hallway. "You okay?" he gripped my elbow, as we stopped by a door.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'll be out in a minute." I slipped behind the door shutting it softly, so I could hear him walk away. In 10 seconds the boys were laughing again.

He had to wake up. He reached over to me. He looked at me with a poker face, unless someone else was watching us. I couldn't have him here. I realized i was squeezing my own arm, rather hard. I watched as I let go and color returned to the limb. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the reflection of me in the loo mirror  My hair was in messy bun, and my eyes looked heavy, and red. My face was pale, and I could faintly detect a small bruise along my hairline. Running my hand up  to it , I pressed it lightly, feeling it throb warm under my two fingers. I reached my cold hand back higher to the back o f my neck, where I could feel the tension, ache.

It hit me: this was the first time I had really looked at my self since last night. in the shower, I refused to glance at my mirror. Why had Zayn brought me here today? Because he knew I looked and felt fine.
There was a light knock at the door, then a harder one, like the person was sure of the action. "Kate?" A cool Irish accent came through the door. Niall again.


"Zayn sent me to come get you." I ran some water under my hands, feeling the cold, then ran my hands through my hair making it a little neater. I opened the door, all smiles and stepped back into the hallway, where a shy Niall waited for me. I stepped in front of him accidentally and walked back to the kitchen. I found plates cleared, I paused unsure. No one was here.... that meant Zayn wasn't here. That meant I was alone with Niall... a man... the hysteria built rapidly.

Niall tapped my shoulder coming up behind me. I jumped and swiveled  "sorry," he murmured, lowering his hand. I rubbed my forehead, and loudly giggled for show.

"No it's fine. Where is every one?"

"Harry's flat. He had been watching movies and the lads didn't want to set up Zayn's DVD player." I bit the inside of my cheek. "Coming?" Niall had walked over to Zayn's door, hovering in the open doorway.

"Coming," I walked behind him dread building. Niall led me up the flight of stairs, checking over his shoulder, smiling at me twice.

I just looked straight ahead.

Walking into Harry's apartment wasn't as bad as his car, I must admit, the flat was open and airy so his scent wasn't overwhelming. I breathed a little easier. Niall went ahead to lit up room, in the mostly dark apartment. I followed it and found the guys on various pieces of furniture. Harry was in armchair, trying to see around Niall, who had already made himself comfortable on the ottoman in front. Louis was again laying on the longer couch, with Liam unfortunately sitting on the end, stuck with Louis's feet in lap.

Zayn sat in a love seat, with his hands draped casually behind him. The seat next to him was empty and he nodded to me, distracted, to the spot. it was farthest from Harry, and that was all I cared about. I sat down, applying the same technique as I did in his car, my back staying in good posture, while we watched the movie. It was a comedy. I think.

In the dark room, with only light from the film, I was hyper-aware of every little detail. The goosebumps on my skin, how loud the group laughed, while I weakly chuckled. Harry's gaze flicking to me and back. That was when the hairs on the back of my neck sprang up. 'Danger,' they warned. And of course I felt the sturdy Zayn next to me, making me feel safer, if only a little bit. He kept me the least bit calm, just enough to stop me from screaming out. Here in the dark, yet again with Harry.

I thought and thinking was worse. Memories, and nightmares, for which I was awake in. As credits rolled around, I yawned. Nobody noticed as someone recommended we play a silly game. I was more than invited join in, but I politely refused, laughing about how comfortable I was on the couch. Zayn played, and every so often he would come over to me and beg me to play.

"Malik, no way!" I kept by voice light every time  as I slowly prepared to snap. Niall quit their little game first, before bounding over to me, plopping down next to me.  He was much too close, I'd decided. I knew Zayn, trusted him, probably more than anyone. But Niall... he was just too new and I knew he would never do what his band mate had done, him sitting here just didn't sit well with me. We made small talk, or at least he tried; I was more preoccupied with:

1. Knowing where Harry was at all times

2. Knowing where Zayn was at all times

3. Knowing where Niall and his extremities were at all times

4. Not screaming and hiding in a hole, remaining strong.

Then came the endless rounds of truth or dare. I'd been lucky enough to avoid the limelight, by saying I didn't wanted to play. Zayn tried, but to no avail. And yet all my cautiousness was for naught, when Harry was chosen for a truth of dare. He picked truth. 'Yes Harry, tell them truth,' I thought scathingly.

Louis had this look on his face. "So Harry we heard what happened last night." I downcast my eyes, while I could feel Harry's large evil eyes bore down on me. Well obviously I didn't tell. "From Zayn " he continued, "what happen from your perspective? Because we all are dying to know." Niall was nodding fervently.

"Well I dunno really, I drank quite a bit," he had that sickening grin on his face, and shrugged. "then I bumped into... Caroline." Louis laughed as did Zayn, while I smiled uneasily. Please stop. Why he playing these games? Please. I scooted back closer to Zayn. He noticed and turned around.

"Hey," he whispered. His voice was soothing as the other boys laughed, as Harry described coming to Zayn in the middle of the long night. "Do you want to go soon?" 

Relief flooded my body, I would get to leave, to escape.  I nodded and he smiled and stood up.  I waved bye to everyone, forcing myself to look over him and look happy about it. He shook his head back at me like he was laughing silently to a funny joke. "Bye Kate," was issued through his lips. I waved my hand back carelessly, my eyes threatened to overflow. 

We got into Zayn's car, finally, where I was finally more comfortable. I leaned against the seat closing my eyes, and sighed.  

That had been a long night. 

It was only a quarter after eight.


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