We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


2. The morning after

I wake up, on a couch. Not mine. There is a grey light streaming in through a slightly open window. I hear water running and a hummed melody.
I get up, back aching and walk into what must be a kitchen. So this is defiantly not my flat.

There is a women making scrambled eggs at an old fashioned stove. I approach her and tap her shoulder. She spins around and smiles.

 "So guess who decided to wake up. I thought you were dead for a period." She hands me a plate of eggs and sits me at a table. Pulling up a chair, she sits opposite me and watches my face. Feeling uncomfortable, I glance down at the plate and realize how hungry I am.

"So, do you remember any thing from last night?" She smiles wider, trying not to laugh.
I shake my head. "I was at a bar wasn't I?" She nods. "Okay so, Perrie... Right we broke up.... Then we have Harry and Louis convincing me to walk outside ...walk to do something but what?" I glance at this mystery girl, to see if she'll jog my memory.

She takes over for me. "You came over to me pretty shit faced-."

"Wait came over to you? Why would I..." Oh, no. No,no,no,no,NO. I put my hands over my face and look through my fingers at her. "Did we...?"

She smirks. "Nope. Not even close. What you did do though is convince me never to be famous, and then promptly fell asleep."

Oh, now I remember. She looked a whole lot different last night under a street light.

"So you're..." I think for a second, struggling to recall her name, "Katherine."

"Not bad, Malik," she says, giving me a light round of applause.

"Wait so what happened after that?"

"Oh nothing really. You passed out all over my couch. I tried to get your butt up, you didn't really respond. So I left you there and went to bed, hoping you'd get up and leave. But no, to my surprise, there's a man in my living room, drooling on my couch."

I let out a laugh. "So Katherine, who are you? You defiantly know who I am after last night, so it's only fair I know as much about you."

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