We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


5. Texting games

Harry picks up my phone grinning devilishly. "Ooh! A new text from... An unknown number? Could this possibly be Zayn's new mistress Kate?" He clears his throat and begins to read in a high pitched girly voice.

"Hi? Is this Zayn? If it is: I know I just left but in the next week or so would you like you hang out?"

They all started laughing again. "Aww Zayn, she is asking you on a date!" Niall snickered, looking at the message for himself.

"Give me that! No she is not!" I said snatching the phone out of his hand.

Harry might be right though: is she asking me out on a date? I really didn't like her in that way, I was positive. I read over the text again. I responded carefully:

Yeah this is Zayn. And sure :) where would you like to go?

Was the smiley face too much?Oh no she probably thought I was flirting.

She responded within the minute:

Great! How's Thursday? We could just walk around London and go to the shops and stuff

It seemed like a casual enough day, not really a date. I smiled and typed back:

Sounds good! C u then! Oh and whats your address; there is no point in taking two cars.

53 Winslet road. Bye Malik. Was all she sent back.

I quickly got sick of the boys taunts and went to my room, then flung myself on my bed. Liam's question really bothered me. It's not even that it was a hard question. Its just that I was sure I didn't like her but why not? She was funny, fit and obviously smart enough to get into Oxford, so why didn't I like her?

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