We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


9. Not so bad

A week later

"So I met a girl."

"That's cool. And what am I, Malik?"

"Shut up. You know what I mean. You are my best friend."

"Oh, do I? So dish, what's she like?"

"I dunno, she came to one of our radio interviews and I gave her my number.  She's really pretty. Oh and her name is Gabriella."

"Bro, get a grip."

"Ha-ha, right. Kate, sorry."

"No Malik, I'm happy for you, I really am."

I grinned in the view if the laptop. I was video chatting him Friday afternoon. So far we had been good about talking daily through his busy schedule.

"Listen Kate, the boys are coming. Can I talk to you later?"

 I sighed. He never wanted me to talk to his band mates. I think he was ashamed of me. Well I don't care what they think. Obviously Zayn did though

"Ok Zayn, call me tomorrow?"

"Oh," he squirmed a bit, "I was going to spend the day tomorrow with Gabriella."
Huh so much for consistency. I signed off with my usual departure.

"Sure Malik. Bye."

He grinned and waved. "G'day Kate," he said trying his Aussie accent on.

Rolling my eyes, I sarcastically quipped, "try again Zayn," and shut the computer.

He was still so fun to talk to. I was happy he may have found his princess, he said a bandmate said that. I could tell he wanted someone again, when he talked about these girls El and Dani.

I, was however feeling like he was moving on a bit to fast. I mean it had only been about a month. But really, I go from hour to hour. Used to. I'd officially quit.

I'd found with budgeting I was independently wealthy and could support myself. And like I had told Zayn I would, I met some girls at a coffee shop, and we had recently became really good friends.

I just hope this Gabriella person worked out, for Zayn's sake. If I had found people, he definitely deserved a person as well.

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