We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


7. My Person

 I have "gone out with Kate" (from Harry) seven times. It's a month later, and we talk all the time. Lou and Niall call her my friend with benefits. I call them childish.

Kate really is great. I've actually been helping her find a good job, so she can quit. It doesn't bother me like it used too. She is really smart and not easy. You would never guess her career of choice.

We had lunch all the time. Just quick take out, sitting on a park bench. I would hear the paparazzi taking constant pics. The news story's were really pathetic. I was actually really disappointed. An actual headline was: 'Zayn sits with girl, bonding over Chinese.' Really? I mean there is absolutely no creativity in that one. Not a drop.

Kate called me one day. I almost didn't answer it, I thought she would be upset about the coverage. Instead she laughed through the phone about the writer's poor use of English vocabulary.


We met for lunch one day at her place.

" I have something to tell you." We both released at the same time.

"I found a job"

"I have to go on tour."

My face rose in excitement and pride in her, while Kate's face fell.

"Your leaving?" I nodded glumly. "I will be gone for 6 months."

She looked at me. " Zayn you are my only true friend. Oh, I had some, once at the university. They kept in minimal contact after I dropped out, sure. But they just couldn't handle what I did to live. Malik you accepted me when no else would. I truly thank you for that."

I took her hands in mine. "You are getting a new job, right?" Kate nodded. "Good. While I'm on tour I want you to find some girl friends, get that new job of yours and video call me every night."

She looked up at me, crying. "Shh Kate don't cry."

"When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow at noon."

"Oh. "


Suddenly she hugged me, throwing herself into my chest. I patted her hair and sang a little to her.

I stood up suddenly. I was just making this harder.

"I have go. Katherine, promise you will call me every night. Bye. Have fun."

She walked me to her door. "Sure Malik. Whatever, Bye." Kate said and shut the door without hesitation.

I drove home in silence, the radio firmly on off. I was contemplating me and Kate's situation. As unbelievable as it might be to the gossipers, we really didn't have any sparks. I tried to kiss her one night just to see, but I missed and clipped the corner of her mouth. Nothing. It just felt weird as she lightly pushed me away.

"Silly Malik. I thought we both knew there was nothing there?" She had teased for the rest of the week. I shudder in horror thinking about the lads reaction if I'd have told them. Unbearable probably. Kate was my person, and I was hers. You cant just leave your person. And that's what I had just done to her.

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