We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


13. I do, then think

Kates pov

I tried incredibly hard not to think of what was happening last night. I think, like an optimist, that because of my previous employment that it was easier for me. That if I just kept thinking that he was just a client who was a bit rougher than the others I would be able to ignore all of it. But I couldn't lie to myself. Not with my shoulder raw from rhe brick wall it was grinding up against. My arms too are sore from being streached high above me head or pressed roughly into the ground, snapped to my sides.

I had laid there for an hour afterwords I think. That was the worst time of it all. I had time to think. I watched him get up and leave without a second glance. I couldn't move, I couldn't feel. I was just dead on the inside. And bleeding on the outside. Survival took over in the end. I knew I couldnt just lay there. The night was still young, wild. I needed move. I needed to rest.

And I woke up this morning back in my bed. I had called Lauren, my friend, and did not tell her what happened. I just that I needed to go home. I slept until 2 that afternoon. I didnt want to wake up, but sleeping just brought back the memories I had spent the whole time trying to block out. I never needed this to happen.

I could never go to a rape clinic. If I told them what I had done only months earlier they would just sigh to themselves and assume I asked for it. Or that I was lying and just wanted the drugs. I wouldn't be helped, I would be judged. This was all my fault, if only I had worn a longer dress, if only I had left earlier, if only I hadn't gone.

If only Harry Styles hadn't been there. But my attacker was here and that meant...

I rushed over to the phone and dialed his number before I could think. Zayn answered on the first ring, but then I just hung up. If he was here then fine, he could come over if he felt like it.

But I needed to tell somebody, anybody. My best friend. My Malik.

I laid back on the couch. I was too sore to be running anywhere. I knew it was a miracle to have left the alley last night. I could have died. I really could've.

Zayn's pov.

I woke up early. It was quite unusual. After my sleep had been so rudley interrupted by Harry last night (who, from the snores coming from couch, was still here), I didn't really sleep too well after that. And I woke up to the shocking realization that today was the day I had promised Liam that I would bring Kate over. But Harry was obviously not going to be ... Presentable.

None the less, I got out of bed, and immediately got ready for my day. When I had finally sat down in Louis's flat a floor down, it was only an hour and a half later. Now what?

"So, what's up?" Louis broke conversation while I sat there.


"Really? You look a tad wound up mate."

"Do I? Well Harry comes knocking at like midnight drunk as fuck then passes out, no doubt he will have a massive hangover. And today I was going to bring Kate over to meet you and he is going to ruin it all...."

Louis grimaced at me and I could tell he was trying hard not to laugh. "Well Harry, you could always move him to your room for a bit. Let him sleep it off.... But to more interesting news! I will finnally get to meet the notorious Katherine you speak so highly of?"

Ugh Liam hadn't put it like that I hoped but, "Yup Lou I guess you will meet her. Be mature though because she is like really smart and she-"

"I know, Zayn chill. Everybody knows how smart she is and how chill she is. Why aren't you as relaxed?"

"Well I'm going to surprise her then pick her up. "

"Oh. Surprise her? I think she would've heard by now that we were in town for a week. Through newspapers and such."

"Nah she doesn't really keep up with that sort of thing. "

"That's cool. So I guess I shouldn't wear stripes for this sort of occation or-?"

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket; I needed to shut Louis up.
"It doesn't matter, wear what you want. I have to take this," I said and I walked out the flat door and into the hallway. Caller I.D. said Kate. Immediately I picked it up.
And yet the line went dead. I stated weirdly down at my phone for second, blinking her name and the 10 second call. OK?

I woke up Niall and Liam a little while later, then moved Harry to his flat with Liam's help. I checked my watch. "Listen Liam I have to go pick her up. Make sure everyone's in mine in twenty?"

Liam winked."Will do."

I left and drove to Kate's flat slower than I normally would have. Then I realized it was already 3 and how late that was for a casual lunch. Her house came up faster than usual on my right and I nervously cheched myself in the rearveiw mirror. Ok, deep breaths.

I buzzed twice, just for the hell of it. I heard a shuffling behing the door and she opened up. Kate was in a thick robe and sweats, with her hair swept up into a bun like always. I hugged her tightly. And before she could speak I asked in one breath, "hey Kate, I was wondering if you would like to dinner with boys and I at my flat tonight?"

Kate's pov.

I just laid on my couch. It was close to food and it was comfortable. I didn't have to move so much. My back and stomach were really painful. It brought tears to my eyes when I sat up or twisted at all.

There was a knock on my door at about 3:15. I bit my lip in exertion then got up heading to the door. I walked gingerly like walking on knives. I opened it and there stood Zayn Malik with a small smile on his face.

No, I couldn't handle seeing him right now. He was friends with Harry. The Harry that ...
But I had called him on a split second thought.

I tried to smile back at him but failed so I bit my lip in pain again, this time drawing blood. I opened my mouth. To say what? I just didn't know.

He quickly stepped over the threshold and hugged me. It was much too tight, it was suffocating. I held in my silence scream as more memories from last night came through my brain.

He had one armed wrapped around my lower back that was scratched up from the pavement it had been shoved in to, and another arm wrapped around my shoulder and neck. I stiffened as he touched the wounds on my shoulder, and touched my bruised and aching neck.

I shut my eyes tightly. He was just too close, I needed him to get away. I felt a tear escape the corner of my eye. I wanted to curl up into a ball. I didn't have the heart to push him away after all these months, but I couldn't bring myself to put my arms around him. So they dangled there by my sides. Just let me go Zayn, please.

Zayn's pov.

I should've known. I waited too long to ask her to meet them now, Kate doesn't care. And the way her eyes widened when I asked, showing off the bags under her eyes. The way she stiffened when I hugged her, squeezing her shoulder. That was it. We had fallen apart, we weren't joined at the hip anymore. And it was all my fault. I should have made time to call her. Now one of the beat friendships of my life was about to slip away. She looked at me hard and I waited for the 'no Malik I'm a bit bust today.'

And that would be the first time she said no. Then she would just never answer any of my calls or texts again or....

Suddenly she smiled small just with one side of her mouth. "Sure."

Kate's pov.

I had said sure. I had agreed to seeing him again. I couldn't say no though. I could never tell Zayn what happened. If I told him no, he would've asked why. I couldn't lie to him, he knew me too well. When he asked why I would say nothing, and Zayn would scoff and ease the truth out. I couldn't let that happen. It would ruin him, his band, his life knowing that, and I would just break down again.

He hesitated for a second before leading me out to his car. Does he have a clue? He couldn't possibly.

I was shocked when it wasn't his car though. I expected his but instead I got a black Audi,

"It's Harry's." Zayn filled in the blank for me. I took a deep breath. And paused.

He noticed, of course. "Kate?"

I just shook my head. "Coming. I just expected yours." I loved Zayn's car. It was big and roomy. It was his smell, mixed with a slightly smoky memory.

I got in the car, almost overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting to cry and gag. Harry's car was small, compact. Like Zayn's hug, the alley way with the tall buildings closing in...

And the smell. Harry cologne was all I could smell. It made feel ashamed, dirty. I had taken a shower for an hour last night, trying to get every little thing of Harry out of my head: his smell, his memory, his hair.

And yet here I was. As Zayn drove I kept a straight back, not leaning on the seat at all. God this was just awful.

Zayn's pov.

Kate had stopped when she saw Harry's car. She hadn't relaxed the entire way home, either. She moved slowly and didn't really talk to me on the way there, and when I asked her questions she spoke slowly.

Was it just the change of car? I took Harry's because it was nicer. But it seemed to be more. Kate just seemed off, her eyes dull, like life was just passing before her. She had walked like she was in pain.

Oh Kate, I should have come sooner.
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