We Were Just Best Friends

Zayn's just broken up with Perrie. He's heartbroken... and wasted. There's a lovely lady standing on the corner, beckoning him over. He can't do it though.
Harry could however....
Zayn and Kate become really close, talking almost everyday, even when Zayn's on tour.
he surprises her by not telling when he is back in town. Harry though cannot wait.

btw: i have nothing against Perrie and Zayn :) Or Harry for that matter.


16. A shot in the Dark

Kate's pov

I slept in the bathroom last  night in the tub with no water. The cool porcelain was a numbing agent for my injuries and abrasions. I walked out of there sore but a little better. I was hungry and hadn't  really eaten properly since Zayn's. I looked over the small table with the chairs still pulled out. Pushing that out of my head I grabbed a random apple and munched on it deliberately, feeling how it worked my jaw. I closed my eyes letting my head droop down: last night had been another long one, full of the twisting nightmares.

I noticed my arm brush up against  a note laid carelessly close to the edge. The air must have pushed close to falling I though as it finally did drop and floated down into my waiting hand. I was on the back of some empty junk mail envelope and basically all it said was 'call me.'

I dropped it and watched it spiral down landing on my messy floor. It brought the little moments back from last night and months before that. I dragged my sorry self to my room and pulled out a little used suitcase I had from college.

I packed my clean clothes and pictures of my friends and parents. I didn't feel like bothering with laundry; why keep the clothes you were assaulted in, right? I laughed bitterly at myself.

I came across an unfamiliar large black hoodie on a hanger in my minute closet. Zayn's hoodie. I didn't want it, comforting as it was: his smell and figure pressed into the fibers. I held it away from my body folding it neatly and walking out of my cleared out room, suitcase under my arm. I placed it on my table and positioned the note on top.  He had a key, Zayn was smart enough to come back for it.

I looked around at my flat, mentally picking out things that I needed to have shipped out to me.  Couch and bed, and my telly, glassware.

I locked my door for the last time turning it, keeping track of the satisfying click, locking away all the memories that happened since my parents' deaths. Since Zayn. Since Harry.

These were all just landmarks in my life, pinpoints of time. Really, without me holding on to them they were nothing, flying away with the wind. Walking determined out in hallway toward the complex door I heard a loud ugly noise coming from the other side of it. A yelling of sorts, angry and pushy.

I stepped outside lightly only to be greeted by a small wave of people with microphones and recording devices and cameras. My name was being called from so many directions I didn't know where to look first. I froze in the middle of everyone, letting them swarm around me. Fear kicked in and I panicked. I began to just push blindly through everyone trying to get to my car. A pap grabbed my arm freaking me out. I thrashed at his touch causing him to let go, burned. I freeze again after hearing their words.

'The mystery women in Zayn Malik's life again...'

'Trouble for Zayn of One Direction....'

'Seen leaving here last night distressed...'

'Name is said to be Kate-'

I went back five months in my head thinking back to a time where Zayn and I had gotten swarmed in a park. I'd been terrified of the lack of personal space, and how Zayn was indifferent to it all. Well it turns out it isn't all that hard; pushing by people asking questions you didn't care to answer.

I got to my car with one suitcase shoved into the passenger seat. Ciao.

Zayn's pov.

I got back at 9:15

The boys got to me at 9:16

The story was done and over with at 9:20

Niall was first to bound up to me after I pressed my way back into my flat with heavy footsteps.

"Did she like us?" He eagerly asked like a child. But I heard the real question behind his cheerful facade. Does she like me?

I didn't bother to put on a smile; Kate was not what I wanted to talk about. So I gave it to them all straight.

"No, I don't really think she had a good time."

Liam came over and patted me on the back. "Aw it's okay man. Probably a little mad about your delay." He smiled at me then said good night, walking out the door back to his flat.

You just had to bring up the goddamn delay Liam. Wrong. He hadn't seen her face. How broken and weak she looked. It was more than that.

Niall looked a bit crushed and Louis lightly punched his shoulder,then looked over to me. "Well she didn't seem like much fun to be around anyways. She seems like kind of a mopey downer, Zayn. No offense mate." He added.

I just frowned and ignored Louis for the moment, talking exclusively to Niall. "It wasn't you mate. Kate was just having...a bad day. I don't think she was just interested in looking for anybody today."

Niall looked slightly chirpier and walked out the door gaily again. No need to tell him Kate flipped out about him.

Louis just looked perturbed and then shrugged, waving bye. Spent, I made way to the living room, where Harry was sprawled out on my couch flipping lazily through channels.

"Are you really going to crash here again," I questioned, my tone slightly colored with sarcasm.

He glanced up at me in indifference. "Looks like."

I flopped down next to him, my eyes glazing over the telly screen. Harry stayed quiet about Kate and for that I was thankful.

He was about to drift when I said something. "Thanks for not mentioning Kate or today."

Harry nodded, mumbled, "Welcome."

"No really."

"Yeah, whatever Zayn. Uhh... No problem, I guess" Harry brushed it off, getting more comfortable on the couch. He wouldn't meet my eyes. Must be tired, I thought.

I drifted off to my bedroom, debating on calling Gabby or not. I decided against it then put my phone on full volume, I wanted to hear Kate's call, for reassurance and the like. I was not going to blow her off, like I did the first time.

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