true love never dies

When Brooke Winter comes back to London to live with her dad, she runs into her old best friend, Niall Horan, they spend a lot of time catching up on each others life. Brooke keeps begging Niall to meet the boys, One Direction, but he keeps saying no because he doesn't want any of the boys to fall for her because he loves her and always has. When she finally gets to meet them half of the boys end up falling for her and Niall gets pissed. Which boy will Brooke choose??


1. mommys gone

"Daddy wake up!! Please wake up!!!" i screamed thorugh my tears. 'w-what is it honey?? my dad said sleepily in his groggy morning voice. "Mom is dead!" i could barely say it. he sprung awake. "what?!?!?!?!? How the fuck did this happen??" my dad yelled. I pointed at the bathroom. He walked in and his knees gave out. he was sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. "why? why would she do this to all of us?? she was so amazing she had no reason to do it!" my dad whispered as he saw my mom hung by a rope on the celing of the bathroom. i had the sudden urge to just scream at the top of my lungs so i did. seconds later my younger brother, Adrian, walked in and asked what was going on. "Well mom died and dad feels really bad......" "WHAT!!!!!!!! Mom died? How brooke? How did this happen?" i couldn't even answer him. "Well how did it happen?" I knew he wouldn't stop asking until someone told him so my dad came in the room and decided to tell him. "she killed herself...." i knew eveyone was having a tragic time so i walked away. "Do you know why she did it?" my dad asked me as i walked away. "yes." i said under my breath. "i heard you, why did she do it?" "why dont you read the note she left on the counter..." i said and stormed into my room. in the note she explained how Adrian and i were possibly the worst children in the world and that she only wanted my dad for his money. i called my best friend, Kacie, and asked if i could come over. as soon as she was about to answer, my dad came in and told me to pack my things. "wait dad, why do i have to pack?" "we're moving back to London." "dad come on, really? i cant just leave kacie like that."i started crying even harder. "well being in this house will remind me of your mother too much, so we're leaving tomorrow!" "but dad....." "no buts, we are leaving tomorrow whether you like it or not!" i sat in my room thinking of ways to talk my dad out of it when it came to me. "hey dad, what about Adrians school? its to late to transfer." "oh i know thats why his friends mom agreed to let Adrian move in with them" my dad responded proudly, knowing that i wont talk him out of it. " but ill never see him again!!!!!!!!!" i dont want to leave my little brother like that. i love him too much. "well sucks for you." i was so mad at my dad for doing this but there was nothing i could do. just when i thought nothing could be worse my boyfriend, trent, broke up with me. "well isnt this the best day ever??" i sarcastically asked. i went to my room and cried myself to sleep. right before i fell asleep i whispered to myself mommy is gone forever

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