true love never dies

When Brooke Winter comes back to London to live with her dad, she runs into her old best friend, Niall Horan, they spend a lot of time catching up on each others life. Brooke keeps begging Niall to meet the boys, One Direction, but he keeps saying no because he doesn't want any of the boys to fall for her because he loves her and always has. When she finally gets to meet them half of the boys end up falling for her and Niall gets pissed. Which boy will Brooke choose??


2. going away

"hurry up!" my dad yelled from downstairs as i was finishing up my packing. "alright alright im coming." i cant believe im going back to london i couldnt wait. "daddy can you take me to kacies real quick pleaseeeeeeeeee?" " you can say your goodbyes for 10 minutes only ok" "okay daddy and thank you" the ride to kacies was silent but as soon as kacie saw my car she started screaming and so did i. kacie and i had a good talk about memories and thats when i realized we have been through so much together and i couldnt just leave her. "hey daddy do you think i can drive to london by myself with kacie? we could buy a flat together. i mean i am 19 already. please?" "ok but you have to call me everyday or every other day" i ran to get my car from our old flat and went to pick up kacie. "ready for the awesomest time ever!?!?!?!?" i was so excited to live with kacie in london. the ride there was awesome! we talked, ate alot, and gossiped alot. i realized i forgot to say bye to Adrian so i pulled over and called my dad. "hey daddy is Adrian still in the car?" i was hoping he was. "yes why do you want to talk him?" " yes, can i?" "hey brooke" "omg Adrian im so sorry i forgot to say bye to you and i wish i could hug you right now and i already miss you!!" "brooke calm down!" "ok but Adrian i loove you and you better stay safe and dont do any retarded shit ok" "hey calm down im 15 and im not stupid ok" "ok i love you and have fun ill visit you one day." with that, he ended the call. the ride wasnt that long i mean, we were already so ireland so yea. we made alot of stops. when it was about 3:30 am we stopped at a hotel and spent the night there. that night i had a dream about my childhood ~start dream~ just another typical day, wake up and first thing i do is run to the house of my best friend of 10 years, niall horan, and we did what we did everything. talked and ate all the food possible. then we have the most intense staring contest. i always end up winning and cheer for myself. we watch the telly until i have to go.~dream ends~ i wake up and for no good reason scream "I FUCKING MISS NIALL SO MUCH!!!!" kacie wakes up and tries to get up to get water. "sorry for waking you......." i say quietly, lauging silently at her attempt to get up. "you should be. im going to hurt you tomorrow morning." "why not now? too tired??" "shut the hell up, i will kill you!" i starting laughing and fell asleep again. i woke up crying because i had the same dream and i miss niall so much. by morning time i didnt have much sleeping time since i was awake crying about niall. i would take extreme measures just to see niall again. god i missed him. kacie snapped me back into reality by asking me if i wanted to go look for a new flat. "we need one so lets go"

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