Truly Madly Deeply

2 girls fall inlove with 2/5 world wide popstars. Lots of drama heartbreak and lovvvvve


2. too much light in the window chapter 2~

~Kaylas POV~
I couldnt move my body suddenly stoned. Harry Styles thought I was pretty. My mind is literally malfunctioning. I opened my mouth to hear a piercing scream. I looked around until I realize it was coming from my mouth. I turned to look at my bestfriend staring at me smiling.
I walked over to her letting my feet slosh in the puddles. "omg Harry gave me his number omg im dying right now." I said fangirling. "ZAYN FUCKING MALIK GAVE ME HIS NUMBER THEN WINKED AT ME. I THINK MY VAGINA FELL OFF." Rissa screamed making her face red.
~some time that night~
I was staying at Rissas that night so we could fangirl about todays events.
"should we text them or call?" I asked sitting on the wooden floor.
"i think we should wait its 5 lets text them around.........8" Rissa said painting her nails.
For the next 3 hours we watched The Hunger Games.
"its 8 lets text them pleaseeeee" I said poking Rissas side until she gave in
I pulled put my iphone and typed in Harrys number
"hey harry its Kayla from earlier x" I texted him all cool like.
I got an instant
"hey kayla;)x"
My heart started racing as I read each word.
"whats up :) xx" I replied as fast as I could. This time I didnt get an instant reply. My heart started falling my smile faded until I heard the familiar tune.
'uh will you go on a date with me? We can make it a double date you me zayn and that girl hes talking about. The one with you?x'
I couldnt hold it in any longer. I started jumping and screaming.
"HARRY STYLES ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE AHHHHHH" I stopped and remembered I had to reply.
'yes a double date sounds fine xx'
Harry replied a minute later.
'tomorrow night meet me and zayn at La Push at 7:) goodnight babe x'
"WE ARE GOING ON A DATE WITH ZAYN AND HARRY!" I said laying on the floor screaming.
"WHAT ARE WE GONNA WEAR?" Rissa said joining in on my fangirl fit.
after fangirling alot we decided to get to bed we had a big day.
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