Truly Madly Deeply

2 girls fall inlove with 2/5 world wide popstars. Lots of drama heartbreak and lovvvvve


3. Falling for you. chapter 3

~Rissa POV~

I sat up looking around i looked down at my clock it was 12:40 SHIT! we had to be ready by 7. I need to go dress shopping.

I looked over to my left to see a sleeping Kayla.

i grabbed my pillow and beat her with it.

"what the hell?" Kayla said groggily.

"its almost one we need to go dress shopping RIGHT NOW." I screamed

"oh shit okay uhh i'll shower later leggo!" KAyla said jumping out of bed and pulling on some jeans.

i did the same and off we headed to the dress shop downtown.


Around four o'clock we decided to start getting ready/

Kayla showered in the guest bathroom and i showered in my bathroom.

i blowdryed my hair curled in and applied all my makeup.

Kayla had put her hair in a top bum.

We both slide our dresses on

Kayla had a red strapless  silk dress with badazzles on the top. with black pumps.

I had a yellow strapless silk dress with a ribbon belt. with white pumps.

around seven  we both got in her car and headed to La Push.

When we arrived two of the most cutest boys stood out front

We got out and walked up to them.

"You look beautiful" Zayn complimented me.

"Awh thanks you dont look bad your self" i blushed.

"Hey babe" Harry said to Kayla

"Hey doll" She said back to him as he slid his hand with hers.

Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist as we walked into the restaurant

as we ate we all got to know each other.

it was around 12 when we were told to leave.

and the boys drove us home.

~kaylas pov~

Harry had offered to drive me to my house.. as qwe arrived my heart sank i didnt want the night to end i was having a blst with him. I got out and Harry walked me to my door. 

"i had fun tonight love" Harry said flashingme his million dollar smile that made my heart pound.

"i did too" i smiled looking down.

Harry lifted my face with his fingers and leaned in and planted his soft plump lips on mine.

"Goodnight Kayla" he said winking.

i walked inside feeling dizzy and i went to bed.

~Rissas POV~

Therei stood on my porch with Zayn Malik standing infront of me. i couldnt tell you what i was feeling.

"I had alot of fun with you tonight" He said in the accent that made me melt.

"metoo" i said giggling. 

Zayn laid his big hands on my cheeks and kissed me with his tender lips. 

"goodnight" he whispered close to my face still.

i walked in to my room pulling my phone out of my purse to call Kayla.




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