Truly Madly Deeply

2 girls fall inlove with 2/5 world wide popstars. Lots of drama heartbreak and lovvvvve


1. Looking for some trouble tonight. Chapter 1~

Fall...a time for school not for love.. But unfortunatly for my bestfriend and I it was all trouble and mistakes.. First you need to meet us
Hello, im Rissa. Im 17 years old. I have brown/blue/green tide-dyed eyes. Im 5'5 with black hair. I really hate people 'tis is why I have one close friend Kayla. I met her in primary school.. When I actually liked people. But im a really funny person, sarcastic, but funny. Music is is where One Direction comes into the scene. They are my life nuff said.
Aye! Im Kayla im probably the funniest person EVER. I love.. Tumblr, painting my nails. I love Hazz. And to have fun!;) oh yeah im.17 with brown eyes black curky hair. Rissa is my home girl we met in primary school.
Leggo... Lets start the story off like a movie.
It was a beautiful rainy day in London. like always. If its sunny then the world must be ending. "Rissa?" I snapped out of deep thought.
"what do you want Kayla?" I said noticing her in my door way. She was smiling showing her pearly whites. She had something up her sleeve..that has to do with people. "Guess who's back in town?" She jumped up letting her curls join her. Laying flat as she landed. "Obvs One Direction" I smiled big this time. "Lets go meet them! PLEASE" She literally got on her knees begging.
I sluggishly got out of bed. I slid on my vans and I stomped out of my room. Skipping every second step down the stairs
"going oout with Kayla see you later mom!" I yelled walking out into the misty afternoon. I walked to Kaylas waiting MiniCooper. We drove to the main road only to see 5 boys walking by TopShop smiling their ovary killing smile not caring about the wet drops falling from the sky. Kayla skidded her car to the nearest open parking lot. With butterflies in my stomach I walked behind the most beautiful boys ever. "uh excuse me may I have your audigraph?" Kayla said biting her tongue from screaming. Harry turned around with his curls leaving his forehead flashing his dimples. "s-s-sure" Harry stuttered and took her cd she had taken from her glove caparment. I stared at Zayn who stared back killing me with his chocolate brown eyes. I raised my hand unwilling and waved like an idiot. Zayn smirked and walked over to me and took the cd from my now frozen hands. As he handed my cd back he winked as the five of them walked away. Im dead or im dreaming I thought. I looked down at zayns autograph and what i saw made my heart stopped...
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