Secret Love

Bridget is your average Nando's restaurant worker, but she happens to get a very special customer named Niall. They try to have a secret romance to keep the paparazzi away, but will it work?


4. Pillow Fight with the Boys

Bridget's POV


I drove to the address Niall had texted me. It was a huge awesome looking hotel. Sweet :) I walked in and took the elevator till I was on the top floor, in the penthouse. Awesome :) I walkked into the room and looked around.

 "Patatoe Head?" I asked, then I walked into the TV room where I saw all 5 boys. They didn't notice me. So I just stood there for a minute. I cleared my throat, still nothing. What were they watching that was so interesting!?!

 I walked behind the couch where the boys were sitting. I put both of my hands on Niall's shoulders, making him flinch. "Hiya! Good to see you noticed I was in the room for 2 minutes." I gave him a smile while he laughed.

 The boys all turned to face me, "So your the lovely Bridget?" Louis asked, I nodded my head "Yup, if I wasn't mistaken and my name is Brittany." I heard Harry, Zayn and Liam chuckle.

 "Hello Liam, Zayn and Curly!" I said waving to them. "Hey! I didn't get a hello!" Louis shouted. I turned to him, "I know." I gave him a cheeky smile then sat down between Niall and Harry. I slowly reached for one of Harry's curls, stretched it, then watched it bounce back. He smiled at me while I did it a good 2 more times.

 "So Patatoe Head, what are you guys watching?" I asked, Niall shrugged "I'm not really sure..."

 I looked at Zayn and Liam and threw a pillow from the couch at them "Why are you guys so quiet?" Zayn grinned "Why are you so loud?" I shrugged. "I dunno." Liam threw the pillow back at me. But I dodged it and it hit Harry in the face. I started laughing then before I knew it we all were having a pillow fight.

 I crawled under the coffee table when it started though. But Niall pulled me out by the feet and I got pelted with pillows. "OKAY I SURRENDER!" I shouted from under the pillows.

 The boys started pulling the pillows off of me as I sprung up.

 I hung out at the boys' fancy penthouse for about 2 hours until I decided to go home. "Night guys." I told them as I made my way towards the elevator.

 "Wait!" Niall ran after me, "Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"

 I smiled then bit my lip, "Yeah, See you tomorrow Nialler." I told him giving him a peck on the cheek before I entered the elevator.

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