Secret Love

Bridget is your average Nando's restaurant worker, but she happens to get a very special customer named Niall. They try to have a secret romance to keep the paparazzi away, but will it work?


5. Messages

Once i got home i could not stop smiling i dont know why though hmmm oh wait ik.... IM GOING ON A DATE WITH NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!


Niall- hey

Me- hey

Niall- so whatcha doing

Me- laying down on my bed thinking

Niall- about what

Me- stuff

Niall- come on tell me

Me- ok thinking about the day u walked into Nandos

Niall- lol i liked u when i walked in and saw u but u won my heart over by ur carefree personality

Me- wow lol haha ok whatever u dont have too lie

Niall- its true

Me- so wht r u doing love

Niall- bout to go to bed babe

Me- so we r at the babe stage huh

Niall- idk are we

Me- idk u tell me im just a girl nothing more

Niall- ya but

Me- but what

Niall- ur my girl :)

Me- aww thx Hun
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