Secret Love

Bridget is your average Nando's restaurant worker, but she happens to get a very special customer named Niall. They try to have a secret romance to keep the paparazzi away, but will it work?


3. Meeting the Boyz

Louis's POV

I wonder if this girl is pretty but she probably is knowing Niall's choice in girls

Me: Niall how pretty is this girl for real

Niall: Shes gorgeous i think i love her!!

That's how I know its real

Me: Thats awesome im happy for you

Niall: Why thank You shes hot and carefree like me too

Me: Perfect for u

Niall: really u think so

Me: ik so

Niall: thx

Bridget's POV

I took a quick shower and got out in my robe and went into the room and got some white skinny jeans a black blouse and my black boots matched with my cheetah print scarf

Me- hey Niall im on my way

Niall- ok dont rush yourself too much lol

Me- i wont and wont it be weird me walking into a house with One direction

Niall- not really

Me- u sure

Niall- ya im sure

Me- k im on my way!

Niall- k take u time love!

Me- ok i will go 2 mph

Niall- not tht slow lol

Me- kidding ok bye

Niall- bye

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