Secret Love

Bridget is your average Nando's restaurant worker, but she happens to get a very special customer named Niall. They try to have a secret romance to keep the paparazzi away, but will it work?


2. Brain Freeze

Bridget POV

 Niall left and I felt like leaving this boring place too. I looked at the clock on my phone. YAY! It was time for my 10 minute break. I bought a sode then sat at a table. My phone vibrated and I saw it was a text from an unknown number.

~Unknown: Hey Bridget its Niall ;) xx

I saved his number into my phone real quick.

~Me: Perfect timing Blondie :) I'm on 10 min break.

~Niall: Cool. So what are u doing on ur break?

~Me: Nuthinnn just sipping soda and texting u :)

Me and Niall were texting each other until my break was over. "TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK!" My boss yelled. I rolled my eyes then chugged down my ice cold soda.

"BRAIN FREEZE!" I shouted. Everyone turned to look at me and laughed. My boss put his hands on his temples. I ran across the room to him, "C'mon Jake, lighten up!!!" I told him. I wasn't allowed to call him Jake, I had to call him Mr. Dawson, but I called him Jake anyways :D.

 "Just take the rest of the day off." I shrugged, "Fine by me Jake!" I told him. "MR. DAWSON!" He said. "Bye Jake!!!" I shouted over my shoulder as I ran out of the restaurant. I walked home and when I got there I got bored.

 I plopped myself on my couch then took out my phone and started texting Niall.


Niall's POV

 I was in our hotel room and I got a text from Bridget.

~Bridget: Im bored and my boss told me to go home. :3

~Me: What did u do this time? lol :)

~Bridget: You know I honestly dont know ... Maybe because I shouted Brain Freeze ? :P Im not sure. Haha

I busted out laughing. And the boys turned to look at me. "Who ya texting Nialler?" Louis asked making kissy faces. "No one ..." I mumbled. Then Zayn looked over my shoulder, "Some girl named Bridget!!!" The boys continued to tease me about Bridget.

"So Mate, where did you meet her?" Liam asked. "At Nando's, she works there. She's so cute and outgoing. And funny." I told them. "Of course he met her at Nando's." Harry teased. "There's nothing wrong with Nando's!" I told them.

"I'd love to meet this 'Cute, outgoing funny Nando's girl'" Louis said and all the boys agreed. "Well maybeee." I said then went back to texting Bridget.

~Me: Do u like One Direction?

~Bridget- If I didnt I wouldnt have recognized u in the sunglasses in hoodie ;)

~Me: Well the boys wanna meet u.

~Bridget- Lovely :) When?

~Me: Today in an hour?

~Bridget- Sounds good, txt me the address and ill be there in an hour :D

I texted her the address and waited. "She's coming." I told them smiling.

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