Secret Love

Bridget is your average Nando's restaurant worker, but she happens to get a very special customer named Niall. They try to have a secret romance to keep the paparazzi away, but will it work?


6. Bored With me or not?

Niall's POV
I cant believe we are at the babe stage!!! Well i can actually i mean i am pretty hot ok so whatever you get the point...

H: hey Niall whats up

N: nothing one question

H: yes Nialler

N: well i really like Bridget but ya know i dont want to ask her out and her say no

H: she won't say no trust me

N: what makes you so sure

H: have u seen the way she looks at you

N: no y is it bad

H: no she has like google eyes you sometimes it scares me

N: oh lol wow

H: its true so text her or something right now and tell her how u feel and ask her out seriously

M: ok i will

Bridget's POV

I was talking with my friend Asia at Nandos when i got a call from Niall

B: excuse me for a sec Asia

A: Ok

N: Hey Bridget what r u up to right now

B: Im with a friend right now why

N: i need to tell you something

B: ok what is it

N: well its important

B: your scaring me Niall what is it?!?!?

N: i think i like you alot

B: oh Niall are u serious

N: yes i am

B: i like u alot too

N: really?!?!?!

B: yes Niall i do

N: ok well in about 30 minutes meet me at my flat

B: will do Niall

N: ok bye

B: bye Niall

End of call

A: who was that Bridget

B: it was Niall

A: what did he need

B: he told me how he feels about me

A: aww thats so sweet

B: ya well i have to go meet him at his flat ok

A: yea thats ok no funny business seriously we don't need any babies

B: wow lol we arnt dating YET

A: exactly yet

B: ok well bye

A: bye Bri ( her nickname for me short for Bridget )

10 minutes later

Knock knock

N: Hey Bri

B: hey Niall can i come in

N: ya sorry

He had his shirt off and it was cold outside and idc if he has abs i like him ALOT

B: so y am i here exactly

N: i need to tell you something

He grabs my hands in his

B: ok

N: i have liked u for a while and i cant get you out of my head ur all i think about all day and i need you in my life

B: Niall are u kidding me

N: no Bri i need you

B: ok

N: Bridget will you go out with me

B: yes Niall i will a million times yes!!!

N: awesome

He picked me up and kissed me

B: i think im going to cry

N: did i hurt u?!?!?

B: no silly happy tears

N: oh ok ;)

B: hehe oh and Niall

N: yes

B: i need you too can't get you out of my head either

He kissed me again a little more passionate this time but i pulled away

N: what

B: not yet Niall you silly

N: oh sorry

B: its ok

N: want to stay over?

B: sure
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