Another World

This is a story about a girl Hayley Dent, who moves from Durham to London and meets the boys of One Direction when se moves into the apartment next to Harry alongside a few of her friends, as a university student. They end up falling in love but there are a few hiccups along the way.


1. Moving House

Hayley's POV

The salty tears ran down my cheeks leaking on to my shirt as I hugged my mother her own face year stricken and her mascara staining her peachy cheeks.
'You have to call me everyday, Darling or I'll go down there and fetch you up my self' I nodded
'I promise mum' I told her a lump in my throat. She grasped me into a hug. I was leaving the little village of Ushaw Moor in the petite town of Durham to go to university in the huge city of London, I was moving into a two bed apartment with my best friend Natalie Smith. I got into my car, the one my mum had bought for my eighteenth birthday in February I'd passed my drivers test and was able to drive. I drove down the little drive way and onto the road my eyes still slightly blurred with tears. Wasn't going to university meant to be fun? I pulled up outside Nats house, she stood waiting a huge smile on her face her bags beside her, Linda her mum was bawling, as Natalie kissed her cheek and hugged her goodbye. She loaded the bags into my car ad got into the passengers side, I waved towards Linda and we drove off heading for London.

4 hours Later

It took us 4 hours to get to our new house. We stood outside and entered the pass code for the lock on the door. Getting it correct. We grabbed most of the bags out of my car and walked tithe lift placing it all in then pressing the button for the top floor where we would be living for the next few years. We reached our floor and shoved all our stuff out the lift and dragged it to our door. Joanna and Shalu walked out of the Apartment across from ours, there arms open wide wanting hugs, we all hugged then entered mine and Nat's apartment.
'So how long have you been here?' Nat asked.
'God about half an hour' replied Shalu
'Chelsie's here she's downstairs apartment 12' we all nodded
'Have you guys heard about who lives next door' Shalu and Joanna shook their heads.
'No but the estate agent said that it was two guys' me and Nat looked at each other. She smiled her wicked smile and I jut laughed, they were probably gay in all honesty.
'Anyway you two get on with unpacking we start uni tomorrow!' Joanna told us, she was like the leader of our little group. I saluted her and said goodbye as she left. We dragged our luggage and boxes into the room and sorted it all out bedrooms first.
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