The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


13. Things get a little better

I open my eyes let out a happy sigh. It had been 2 weeks since the "incident" and everything was going back to normal. Naomi looked healthier and my headaches were gone. It was like perfect harmony. I stood up and jogged to the bathroom. 15 minutes later I came out. My hair though messy was clean. My face was bright and I smelled like soap. I was wearing a white t-shirt, dark pants, and my red vans. I hurried downstairs. "Lovely day." I said aloud. No one answered. I shrug and walk outside. Almost instantly I'm bound and gagged and put in a car. After a few minutes Louis takes off my blindfold. "Surprise!" I rose my eyebrows. "Kidnapping really?" "Hey it wasn't all my idea. Blame Niall here." The blonde put his hands up in defense. "I thought you would say no to the party." "We're going to a party?" Liam grinned. "Of course but first we're on our way to the mall." I looked around Louis' small car. "Where's Zayne?" Niall looked over at me. "He's with the girls at the mall. We were sent to get you." Louis gave a grin. "Yup so enjoy the ride." When we arrived at the mall I nearly threw up. "Louis you are never driving with me in the car ever again." He shrugged. "You said I was going too slow." I gave him a dark look. "Hey guys!" I turned to see Zayne waving at us in the parking lot. He was covered in shopping bags. "Hey could someone help!" We all jogged towards him and each grabbed a bag. "Thanks.the girls are over there. Liz was trying to get the car to start but it's not working. It could be because it got like extra hot after it was extra cold." I looked at him. He wore a loose gray shirt and dark jeans. Louis, who was next to him had on a blue dress shirt and tan shorts. Liam had on a black shirt, a green hoodie, and dark jeans. Niall wore a red shirt and tan pants. "I'll go check on them." I said before jogging the girls' way. Liz was just closing her hood. She had her blonde hair in a high bun and had bright red lips and black shades on her eyes. She wore a loose see through white shirt that was tucked into high waist gray jean shorts. Underneath she wore a black spagetti strap tank top. Next to her was Maria and Elea. Maria had on a bright red shirt, black suspender shorts, and black converse. Elea had her hair in a messy braid. She wore a floral romper, a blue jean jacket, and tan flats. "It's not working Harry. We might need a tow." Liz said before hopping on the  trunk. On cue Perrine and Naomi came walking in. Perrine had her dark brown hair in a loose bun and wore Zayne's signature hat on her head. She wore a loose white button up shirt white the sleeves rolled up which was tucked into black high waist shorts and had a black tank top underneath. For shoes she wore white slip ons. Naomi had on a orange sleeveless dress. Her hair was in a curly pony tail. For shoes she had olive converse. Around her waist was a golden belt. "No luck?" Perrine asked hopping on the trunk next to Liz. She pulled out a bag of twizzlers and chewed thoughtfully on one. Liz grabbed one and shook her head. Maria leaned in and grabbed one before sitting in the back seat not closing the door. Else's leaned against the door and smiled. "It's okay. We'll get it fixed." She had two twizzlers in her hand. Naomi leaned against the trunk smiling at me while chewing on her candy bar. She tossed me one. I smiled at her before leaning on the trunk. "We can call the towing people then we can give you a lift to the party." Naomi smiled. "Thanks Harry." After getting off the phone with the towing people, we all piled into Louis' small car. The bags were in the back and Niall was driving. Next to him in the front was Elea and Louis. In the back was, in order, Liam, Liz, Perrine, Zayne, me and Naomi. Except the girls were almost on our laps. We were laughing the entire way, eating twizzlers, and singing. When we finally arrived at the party, it was 10 am and very hot. "Here we bought you swim trunks. Go change upstairs." Liz said quickly. There were about 40 people at this party and more in the house. Naomi, thank god, got me all balck swim trunks so I wouldn't be too embarrased. Louis' was covered in baby sharks and was all white. Niall's was black and blue. Liam's was a bright blue. And Zayne just simply wore black basketball shorts. When we got out everyone was either jamming to music, in the huge pool, or was throwing water balloons at each other. I spotted Naomi standing dangerously close to the pool wearing her faded orange swimming suit. "Hey guys, watch a master." I whispered to the boys. I crept on Naomi until I was close enough. I spread out my arms getting ready to push her in until she turned quickly and pushed me in instead. When I surfaced, she was laughing her head off. "Sorry Harry!" She squealed before jumping in after me. Soon all the boys and their girlfriends jumped in and we were having a water fight. Everyone was aginst everyone. Naomi crept towards me with a water gun. "C'mon Naomi, you don't want to do this." I said while shaking my hair. "Oh but I really do." She aimed her gun at me getting ready to fire. Then out of no where a giant splash sent her back. I smiled at Niall who came to my rescue. "Thanks bro." While we were congradulating, Liam did a cannon ball in the pool getting everyone wet. "I win!" He shouted. Me, Zayne, Niall, and Louis lifted him up in the air and threw him back in the pool. "We win!" We shouted.

 A few hours after the pool action, everyone calmed down enough to eat. I was halfway done with my mushroom cheesee pizza when Naomi, Louis, and Elea settled down beside me. I wrinkled my nose in disgust when I seen Louis' pizza. "Olives? Ew, that's gross." He only chewed it slower with a smile. Naomi put her hand in mine and squeezed before she started talking to Elea. I rested my head on her shoulder. "Hey Lou, I'm thirsty. Can we go get a soda?" Louis happily sighed. "Of course love." They walked away hand in hand. "They're so close. I can't believe they only started dating a few weeks ago." "I know. Do you think we'll get that close?" I asked truthfully. Naomi turned and smiled the biggest smile I ever seen. "Of course Harry, but first..." She trailed off and started leaning in close. I was about to close the distance when she jumped back and blew into a horn. "Happy birthday!" My eyes opened wide. Everyone turned towards me and shouted Happy birthday. Today wasn't my birthday. Right? Zayne reached out a hand and pulled me up. "We staged the whole thing. Pretty epic, eh?" I nodded. "Fer sure man. I didn't even know it was my birthday." Naomi wrapped her arm around my waist and leaned her head against my arm. "I could never forget the birth of someone who practically saved my life. I love you Harry. Happy Birthday." I put my arms around her waist. "I love you too." I finally leaned in and gave her a kiss.

After that little scene, my mum showed up with a delicious chocolate cake and presents. I saved the presents until later but I did try the cake. I must say it was pretty delicious. After my mum left, Zayne got behind his turn tables and started remixing all kinds of songs. It would be heavy metal one second, then R&B the next. After a few minutes of jumping around, Zayne played a slow song. "For all the love birds out there." He said softly looking directly at me and Naomi. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, so I just put one hand on her waist and just twirled her around. "Are you having a good time?" She asked. I nodded. "Of course. I still can't believe you guys actually pulled this off. It's pretty amazing. I didn't really expect to do anything for my birthday because I thought all that stuff was still going to be going on." She closed her eyes. "Yeah those were the bad times but these are the good and I promise that situation will never happen again." I put her face in my hands until she opened her eyes. "It wasn't your fault so don't blame yourself. I should be the one apologzing. I let that creep get to you and hurt you." She shook her head. "It's happening again. We're blaming ourselves for stuff out of our control. I say we jsut forget about the whole thing and just move on from it." I nodded and smiled. "Where have you been all my life?" I joked before twirling her around again. She smiled and leaned her head against my chest while we turned around in small circles.

It was about 10 minutes after the party ended. Me, Zayne, Louis, and Liam were waiting for our girl friends outside the house. We vowed to get back here early tomorrow to clean up. The girls walked out followed by Niall. As we started walking to Louis' car, I remembered i forgot my presents on the patio in the back. Naomi looked a little nervous letting me go alone, but she let me go. "Hurry back." She called to me. I jogged to the back and looked around for my presents. The five boxes were neatly stacked on top of each other on the table. I reached for them when I noticed another box I hadn't noticed before. It was wrapped in silver sparkley paper and had a bright red bow on top. Unable to contain my curiosity, I opened it. Inside was a small box and a note. I opened the note first. It said...

You stole Naomi from me. You don't understand that she's mines, not yours. Forget about Naomi, I'm coming after you now. If you tell anyone about me or this note, I will kill Naomi and then I will kill you. Oh and by the way Happy Birthday

- Your new stalker.

I gulped nervously and looked around before opening the box. Inside was a pocketknife covered in blood. "Harry is everything alright?" I turn quickly to see Naomi lookign at me curiosly. I hold back my horror and smile. "Fer sure, I was just opening one of my presents. I got money." She smiled. "I'm glad you're so happy, the guys were just about to leave right now." "Okay, I'm going. Hey Naomi, can I tell you something?" She looked around before nodding. "Sure. What is it." I gulped and the knife in my hand behind my back gained 20 pounds. "I um, have, um, a ...craving for cheese." She shook her head and laughed. "C'mon Harry, let's get going. It's creepy here after dark." I nodded. She walked off. I slowly lifted the knife and put it back in the box. I grabbed my presents and held them close to my chest. It was really over and I knew that deep in my heart. It would never be over.

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