The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


9. The Stalker

I once again found myself in the middle of a long school day. I was wearing Harry's blue t-shirt, my gray skinny jeans, and white slip ons. I didn't feel really good today. It could have been from the freezing temperatures outside or the uneasiness of my new "admirer". Well I was walking to my locker when I noticed the lock that normally was on it, was gone. I look around for a few seconds before slowly opening my locker. I the inside of the door, it was decorated in valentine hearts, very old chocolate, and wilted rose petals. There was a pink piece of paper taped to the door. I quickly rip it off and read it. It said...

Naomi, I want to see you so bad but if I get to close your boy toy might get offended. Don't worry I've already forgiven you for cheating. In return for my hospitality I want you to go over to the Burger joint on Cherry Road and wait in the very last booth to the right. Please be alone, I would hate for something bad to happen.

XOXO - Your Love.

I crumble up the piece of paper and throw it far from me. I was just so glad Harry wasn't here to see me break down. I manage, a few minutes later, to grab my history books. I hold them close to me and make a slow crawl to Mr. Johnson's classroom. I was late so he gave me a lecture. I couldn't comprehend what he was saying because I seen a pink note waiting on the desk I usually sat at. After Mr. Johnson let me go, I slowly make my way to my seat. I open the note slowly.


Be careful, you don't want to get me mad.

For a second I can't breathe. I look around but everyone has their noses in their books. "Okay class. I assigning each of you a partner. The both of you are required to make a 5 page report. The first two pages will be explaining your religion and the people who followed it. On the next two pages you will be writing a myth, fable, story, whatever based on your religion, and on the last page, you will be required to illustrate a picture either based on your religion or your story. Okay now will everyone please get into two rows, boys on one side, girls on the other." I stood up and stood next to Hannah and another girl who I had seen on the bus. "Okay Hannah, you will be with Matthew, Arianna, you're with Jason, Thomas you're with Crystal, Jamie you're wit James, Michael you're with Tasha,  Rayon you're with Dylan..." He went on and on until finally he said my name. "Naomi you're with Zayne and Erich." Zayne stood beside me. The other boy, Erich slowly walked towards me. He looked sort of familiar. He had the lightest shade of brown hair you can get. His eyes were dark thought, nearly black, and had this ominous look to them. He was tall, thin, and sort of sickly looking like he had the cold. He was wearing a red polo shirt, light blue jeans, and black Nikes. He gave me a weird smile as if he knew me his entire life. "Hello." Zayne said. I could tell he was a little freaked. He gave him an odd look. "Hello." Erich said so softly I could barely here. All three us sat down at the small table by one computer. Zayne sat right next to me and Erich sat across from us. "So we were assigned Greek Mythology. Does anyone have any ideas for the story?" Zayne offered. I was about to speak but Erich beat me to it. "I was thinking we could do a romance sort of jealousy story. Aphrodite and Ares are caught by Hephaestus who takes his revenge out on both of them by ripping Ares to shreds and sending him to Tartarus and chaining Aphrodite to his bed so he can hear her screams for forgiveness every night before he goes to sleep." I can hear Zayne take a nervous gulp. I look over at him and he's looking over at me giving me a signal with his eyes saying 'This boy is a freaking PSYCHO!' I try to hold back my fear. "Um sure why not. Okay lets divide the work okay?" Zayne nods. "Sure, I'll do the drawing and help Nat do the research, and um dude over here can write the story." Erich gives him a forced smile. "I would prefer to help Naomi with the research." I quickly shake my head. "Nah it's cool, me and Zayne got it." The bell rings. It feels like I was sitting there with that crazy boy for hours when it's only been fifteen minutes. When we're outside of the classroom Zayne pulls me aside. "That was really weird. That kid, how did he know your name was Naomi? I only called you Nat. We were in the same History class since the beginning of this year and I just learned your name." I bit my lip. "You're right that was weird. But we can't just complain to Mr. Johnson, you know how he feels about teamwork. So let's just get through this project. It's due next Wednesday so do you think you can suck it up until then?" He looks at me nervously. "Yeah I guess. Let's just be extra careful okay? Harry would freak if that guy even touched your arm. I've seen the way he was looking at you." I nod. "I know what you're talking about." The warning bell rings. "I got to go. We'll talk about this more later. Do you think you can come after school to work on the project?" Zayne nods. "For sure. I'll catch you later." He gives me a small one armed hug before walking away. I turn around to walk to my locker when I see Erich leaning against it and staring at me. My eyes get big. Was this my "Secret Admirer"? Or was it another mystery to solve?



(Sorry for making this sort of short, It didn't really have any inspiration today. If you have any ideas, comments, concerns, questions, please comment!)

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