The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


4. The Party Part 2 ( Naomi's point of view)

"Hey Harry, you're mom asked if you could carry up the ca..." I stop speaking when I see all the boys in the living room. "Hi." I say softly. The boys jaws were on the floor. "You... You never said she was a... a...a..." A boy with smooth brown hair starts. "Girl." A blonde boy finishes. Before I could introduce myself, another brunette is on his knees in front of me. "Why have I never met this angel before?" I blush and look up at Harry. He shrugs. "Naomi was always busy, she never had time to meet you guys." The blonde walks towards me and grabs my hand. "Naomi, I'm Niall. Excuse me if I offend you, but you are absolutely gorgeous. Oh and Happy Birthday." I blush more. "Thanks Niall. Um Harry can I talk to you for a second?" Harry grabs my arm gently and we both walk upstairs. When we reach the hallway to his room, he stops walking. "I'm so sorry about them. They haven't been around a girl in days ever since Liam's girlfriend broke up with him last summer." My once fearful eyes melt. "Ah I see. Well then I think I can help." "What... What do you mean?" He gives me a fearful look himself. "Oh I have a few friends. Elizabeth, Perrine, Elea, and Maria. They are nice girls but kind of crazy like the boys. I think they'll be perfect." He gives a relived look which raises my eyebrows. "Yeah that would be cool. What day can they meet the boys?" I think for a second. "Possibly the 15th. It's a Saturday so they really won't have anything to stop them from coming." Harry smiled big. "Yeah then I get to have you all to myself." I giggle. "C'mon Hair Bear let's get back to my party." Harry grabs my arm and leads me downstairs. The boys are eating a bag of chips. When they see us they stand up. "Sorry Naomi for freaking you out, we'll behave now." The second brunette says. Harry shakes his head. "Okay, Naomi this is, according to the people you've met first, Liam, Niall Louis. And that mysterious guy over there is Zayne. We've been friends since the beginning of High School. Boys this is Naomi a.k.a Nat. She's been my friend since we were like 3." Louis rubs his chin. "So this is the mysterious Nat I've always seen you texting. Wow, I didn't expect Nat to look like well Naomi." I smile. "Thanks? Well enough with the awkward introductions. Are we going to party or what?" The boys cheer. Harry plays a song I've never heard before in my life and starts dancing. I shrug and dance with him. Soon everyone's dancing, including Harry's mum.

"Bye boys, it was nice having you!" I call. Louis and Liam both hug me at the same time. "Same here. Hey we'll have to do this another time." I give them a mischievous smile. "We just might." Niall gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Happy birthday. I really hope to see you again." I give him a warm smile. "Me too. It was nice having you." Zayne walks to me and gives me a small hug. "Thanks for having us. sorry about the boys, they're a little weird around girls, especially hot girls." I blush. "It's no problem. Oh and please, don't be a stranger." He smiles and goes off to meet the rest of the boys. I close the door and let off a tired sigh. "Today was a long day." Harry walks towards me and gives me a cup of warm tea. "Yeah, but didn't you have so much fun!" "Of course I did Hair bear. Thanks so much, for all of this." I kiss his cheek and he gives me a crooked grin. "It was nothing. But the surprise isn't over." I raise my brows. "It's not?" He shakes his head before putting both of our cups on the glass table next to us. "Close your eyes Natters." He lifts me up bridal style and carries me. I cover my eyes and start to giggle. "Harry! I'm too heavy put me down!" Harry chuckles. "You weigh as light as a twig, c'mon isn't this so romantic." We both laugh before Harry finally sets me down on something soft. "Try guessing your next surprise." "Um is it a stuffed giraffe?" Harry laughs. "Nope." "Is it a new pillow and blanket?" Harry grabs my hair and plays with it. "Nope. You're horrible at guessing." "Is it a pile of cotton candy?" Harry moves my hand from my eyes and looks deep into my eyes. "No. Take a look." I stand up from what I now know was a golden queen sized bed. I look around and see half painted red walls covered with a few golden paintings and art work. There was a medium sized golden closet, a golden carpet, and a pretty looking golden lamp that could adjust its lighting. I look out the golden window and see a nice view of a beautiful cherry tree forest. "What am I doing in your sister's room." I ask Harry. He gives me a small smile. "It's not my sister's room anymore. It's yours. Well if you want it to be. It's not exactly ready yet but I'm working as hard as I can. It should be ready to use by the December 21st. Would you like to move in here?" I can't answer him. A few seconds later and I force myself to talk. "You did this..." "Well yeah. Um I don't really know how to tell you but I seen what he's been doing to you." The tears fall from my eyes. I quickly turn my back to Harry so he won't see my tears. "What?" "I've seen what he's been doing to you. I've seen your bruises and that sad look in your eyes. I knew that you wanted to get out. I've already talked it over with my mum, she said it was fine. She really wanted another girl in the house since Gemma left." I fall to my knees at Harry's words. He wraps his arms around me. "Naomi, I thought you would be happy. Why are you crying?" I look into his green eyes. He's on the verge of breaking down as well. "Harry... you've set me free. You've set me free." I hold him closer to me and cry into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around my waist. "Oh Nat. What has he done to you?" Harry says softly. "Everything Harry. Everything." I say before I all out sob.


I walk out of school feeling a little cheerful then I did a few days ago. I had slept over at Harry's yesterday. His mum lent me some of her clothes. The tan t- shirt was two sizes too big for me as well as the comfy brown sweater but I wasn't complaining. Gemma's gray jeans were also a bit too big for me but Harry lent me a belt to keep them from falling. I really needed to get some clothes from home so I wasn't just stealing all of theirs. Instead of waiting for Harry to walk me to his house, I send him a quick message and walk to mine. When I finally reach the small white house, it seems to be vacant. I decide to just walk through the back door, careful not to make a sound. In a few careful seconds I reach the kitchen. There was a meal set out on the table, but it looked like no one has eaten it since the day I left. I walk up the stairs and to my room. I pull out my dark blue duffel bag and begin shoving in the few clothes I had. I put in a few shoes, a few books, and stuff in my phone and charger. I slowly walk downstairs again. Just as I'm about to reach the bottom step something pushes me down it. I turn my head to see Phil standing above me holding a knife.

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