The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


6. The Choice (Naomi's Point of View

It seems I've been in this hospital for years but it's only been a week. School's out for the holidays so I don't have to worry about homework or anything. Ever since Harry told me he loved me it's been really uneasy between us. I never got the chance to respond to what he told me because Zayne and Niall had woken up and wanted to talk to me fore hours. When the boys were gone, Harry's mum was there to give me clothes and personal items. She was the one who actually fixed my jagged haircut Phil gave me. Now it's a Wavy Bob Haircut. I really wanted to talk with Harry and understand his feelings more but the look in his eyes, the look of pure sadness makes my heart break every time I see him. But enough with the sadness, today I'm going home! Well not home, I'm going to Harry's house. Unfortunately this time I'm not so excited to see him. "C'mon dear!" Harry's mum called. I put my hair up in a cute messy bun. I put on a white t-shirt, black jeans, and my red converse. I put on my thick black sweater and run to catch up with Harry's mum. She grabs my hand and we both walk to her car. I hop into the back seat and look over. There's Harry looking at me with his big eyes. "Hey Nat. It's been a while." I nod and agree with him. "Too long Harry." I lean into his side and he wraps his arm around my shoulders. I could feel his tension and I knew he was thinking about the last night I really talked to him.  "Naomi, I ... I think I'm in love with you." His words played over and over again in my head. Just as quickly as I had gotten in the car, I was getting out. I unwillingly pulled away from Harry's warm hug and walked inside his house. Harry carried the clothes and suitcases his mum bought me and put them in my room. "I'll, um leave you two alone." His mum said after putting my favorite white comforter down on my bed. I look over at Harry who was looking around awkwardly. "Thanks Harry so much for all you did for me. I really do appreciate it." He looks over at me and smiles. "It's no problem Nat. I should let you know that I'm having a party on the 25th. The boys and their girlfriends are going to be here." I smile. When I had been in the hospital, my friends  Elizabeth, Perrine, Elea, and Maria had come to visit. They just so happened to meet the boys in the elevator. So now Louis is dating Elea, Liam's dating Elizabeth, Zayne is dating Perrine, and Niall is dating Maria. They all really are cute couples. "That's cool. Am I invited?" I say mischievously. Harry's smile gets as big as it used to get. "Of course you are Natters." I sit down on my bed and Harry sits down beside me. "I have a present for you. I was supposed to give it to you that Saturday you were going to come over, but you know." "Yeah I know." Harry pulls out a heart locket. I open it. It says 'Love Lasts Forever' and has a tiny picture of  me and him when we first started high school. "Thanks Harry I love it!" I move to kiss his cheek but stop myself. Kisses caused pain. I decided to just hug him. He gets up and walks out of the room. "See you later Natty." "Bye." I squeak before hiding under my big white blanket. "I have to tell Harry the truth soon, before it's too late." I whisper to myself before closing my eyes and humming to myself before falling asleep.

(Harry's Point of View)

She almost kissed me. But then stopped herself. I should've never said anything to Naomi. I should've hidden my feelings. Better that then losing the once strong bond between my best friend. The next few days passed by quickly. I seen Naomi only a few times each day which is sort of strange because we're living in the same house. But she's always busy up in her room doing god knows what. My mum seems to know what's going on because she's always giving me this awkward smile that makes me uncomfortable. But finally it was the 25th and Naomi couldn't hide from me any longer. The party was set to start at 5 and end at 8. It was 4:45 when I decided to get dressed. My mum had already been dressed for hours and was working on the cakes, food, and drinks. At exactly 5, there was a knocking at the door. I opened it to see the 4 boys dressed in dark suits. Liam's was dark blue, Louis' was crimson, Niall's was dark green, and Zayne's was black. They came in with big smiles on their face. Next came in their girlfriends. Perrine had her dark brown hair in a messy braid and a nice looking pink lip gloss on her lips. She wore a black high low dress, bright red tights, and black combat boots. Elizabeth's dirty blonde hair was put up in a high bun, her lips a blood red, and her skin pale. She wore a sparkly and golden Cap-Sleeve Sequin Dress and light brown heels. Elea wore her light brown hair down in nice long waves, and had a little golden blush and nice pink lips. She wore a brown Ditsy-Print Shirtdress, gray leggings, and dark brown Lace-Up Boots. Finally Maria had her black hair in a cute pony tail. Pink blush was on her face and her lips were a soft peach. She wore a black Sequin-Swirl Dress and gray Halo Suede Booties. I welcomed them all with warm hugs. I myself was wearing a black suit with a black bowtie. My mum took over while I went to get Naomi. "Nat, they're here. Are you ready?" "Almost. I'll be right down!" I sighed and walked back downstairs. After a few minutes of conversation, the boys grabbed their girls and started dancing on the patio. I stood there awkwardly with my mother. "May I have this dance sir?" I turn around to see Naomi. My jaw drops. She wore a sleeveless light brown Belted Sequin-Lined Dress, dark brown tights, and golden flats. Her hair was curled to perfection, and her bright face and red lips shined. She giggled. "Quit drooling Harry." She lead me to the dance floor and we both twirled. "How?" I asked. She smiled warmly. "You like? I did it myself. Took me a long time but I'm proud of it." I looked over at my mum and she gave me two thumbs up. "Hey boys and girls, how about we go in and have some cake?" The boys followed after her. The girls followed after them but Maria stayed back. She whispered something in Naomi's ear before hurrying to Niall. "Let's um sit down." She said after a few minuets. We sat down on the steps leading up to my house. I gave her my suit jacket. We sat there silently and watched the snow fall. I seen her shiver a few times. "I'll go get you your coat." I say softly. 'Maybe she doesn't feel the same way about me' I suddenly thought. I stand up and start walking to the door when something grabs my hand. I turn and Naomi kisses me. I'm completely shocked. I pull away from Naomi and she gives me a shy smile. "Harry, I...I think I'm in love with you." My small smile turns into a huge grin. I lift her up and kiss her cheeks like twenty times. "Oh my gosh Naomi! You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that!" Naomi smiles and deepens our kiss. Just then we hear someone clearing their throats. We turn around and see everyone sitting on the patio chairs enjoying cups of tea. "Finally, I thought you two weren't ever going to make out." Louis says while sipping his tea. Zayne picks up a handful of snow and throws it at us. "Quit blushing, it's a happy moment." I wipe the snow out of my hair. "I'll show you a freaking happy moment!" I grab a fistful of snow and chase the boys around the yard. I can hear the girls' laughter from the patio. "Get them Harry! Be my hero!" I turn to see Naomi looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes. 'This must be what feels to be loved and happy.' I think to myself before throwing a snow ball at the back of Niall's head.

(No one's point of view)

As the group of teens laugh, someone in all black watches them. "Soon Naomi. Soon you and me will be together."


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