The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


1. The Abuse and The Birthday (Naomi's Point of View)

I open my eyes and look around with a frown. In my dream I was in Paris surrounded by fine clothes and people who adore me. Now that I'm awake, the clothes and the models are gone. They are replaced with blank white walls, one dull gold dresser, a slightly cracked mirror, and a small closet. I turn my alarm clock off and sit up. My small bed creaks a bit which causes voices to rise downstairs. "Oh and that useless child of yours! I'm not giving her a ride to school, if she wanted one, she could have got her lazy ass up and done some damn dishes. Why am I even taking care of that useless retard? She ain't even my kid!" I tune out Phil. Phil was my mum's new husband. He absolutely hated me. But he loved Jason, my older brother. I slowly stand up, careful not to make another noise. I walk to my closet and look through the very few clothes I had. My eyes rested on a short black dress. My mum told me only to wear it for special occasions but I didn't have any other clothes since Phil only took Jason shopping and not me. I put on the dress, and black leggings underneath. I spray a few squirts of perfume on me before putting on my coat and bag and heading downstairs. Not wanting to have a confrontation, I try to head straight out of the door. But I knew that not having a confrontation with Phil today was wishful thinking. "Hey girl, get back over here." I slip on my black vans before turning towards Phil. He grabbed my loose dark brown hair and pulled me close. He looked my face over. Even though Phil absolutely loathes me, it seems he loves to check and see if I put on makeup everyday. I'm not sure why I'm too afraid to question. "Girl, is that lip gloss I see?" I lick my lips. "No sir." He pushes me away from him. "You're nothing but a whore. Just like your mother. Why couldn't you be a respectable girl? What have I done that would make you think being a whore is a good thing?" Tears fall down my face. He walks up and slaps me. I jump back in surprise, accidentally hitting Phil in the arm with my bag. "You've done it now!" He grabs my arm and tries to pull me back but I grab the door handle and force myself out of the house. I catch my breath for a second before running away. I can hear a lamp breaking behind me. "Stay out of my house or I'll call the police!" Phil screamed. I sob to myself while running to my bus stop. After a few minutes of waiting, the bus pulled up. I hurried in and sat in the very back. Once the bus started again, I pulled out my makeup and mirror. I pulled my hair up in a loose bun and examined the damage. My lip was busted, my cheek was slightly bruised, and there was a small cut along my jaw line that must have come from the broken lamp. I quickly put some blush around my face and a light coat a lip gloss that sort of covered up the injury. I put my makeup away and sniff. The tears have stopped coming, but I still sobbed on the inside. I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take this abuse and neglect anymore.

I walk into school with my hood up. I hurry to my locker and shove my books in. I try to grab my chemistry book but my notebook falls scattering my school papers everywhere. I sigh and bend down to grab them. Just then a hand picks them all up and hands them to me. I look up. There standing next to me was a boy with curly brown hair and dark green eyes. He wore a white shirt and dark blue cardigan with  black pants and red converse. "Hey Natters." I smile big. "Harry, I haven't seen you in forever!" I hug Harry as tight as I can. Harry is my best friend of like 15 years. We met when we were 3 and have been very close ever since he saved me from a sand box bully. Harry had been away with his family in America since the beginning of our random 10 day break. But now he's back. "Nat, how have you been?" I bit my bottom lip. Just then I wanted to tell Harry all about Phil and my personal hell but I stopped myself. "You know I've just been well the usual. How was America?" Harry smiled. "I've never met people who were so enthusiastic. It was fun." He looked deep into my eyes and gave a strange look. It quickly disappeared when he smiled. "I almost forgot Nat. I'm such a horrible friend. How could I forget your birthday. December 10th, 15 days from Christmas. Could you ever forgive me?" He gave me a puppy dog look. My eyes got big. I had forgotten my own birthday. I'm turning 18 years old today and I forgot. "Finally I'm free." Harry raised an eyebrow. "What?" I gave a nervous laugh. "I said Finally I can be me. It was hard pretending that I didn't know that today was my birthday." I laughed again. Harry looked into my eyes again. "Right... SO What are you doing for your birthday? I actually had something planned if you weren't too busy." I thought back to Phil and mum and Jason. Knowing what happened last year, I'll be lighting a small birthday candle on a Ding Dongs. "Nah I'm not doing anything." "Cool, so when do you want to come over? Today or Saturday? Or Both? I could do both." Harry's enthusiasm made me smile, a true smile. "Both. I could do both." "Cool. Nat, It was good seeing you. I've missed you so much." I smiled bigger. "I missed you too Harry." He kissed my cheek and gave me my papers. "Bye Harry" He waved and walked off. I bit my bottom lip. 'How long can I keep my abuse a secret. Harry can read me like a book. How long will it take him to realize that I'm not the same girl he met 15 years ago. I'm broken and unfixable.'

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