The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


5. My Days In The Hospital (Harry's Point of View)

I walk out of school with a big grin. "What's got you smiling so big?" Zayne asks. I show him my warm green eyes. "I'm going to do it. I'm finally going to tell the girl of my dreams my true feelings." Zayne raises an eyebrow. "Oh really. Do I get to know the lucky girl's name?" I pull him aside. "It's Naomi. Do you think she'll like me? Or am I just wasting her time?" Zayne rolls his eyes. "You've known her for like forever. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't have put up with your crap all these years." I give off a happy sigh. "You're right Zayne. AH I'm so excited. I'm going to tell her as soon as she walks out." I turn on my phone and check the time. "She should've been out here by now. Where is she?" Zayne shrugs. "Maybe she left you a message?" "You might be right." I check my messages and hit refresh. Almost instantly a message appears.

Harry, I'm going to go home and pack some stuff. I'm leaving at 4 so I should be back at 4:30. If you see the boys tell them I said hi.


I check the time again. It was almost 5. "Zayne she said she'll be back at 4:30, it's almost 5." "Should we go and check on her?" "I'd feel better if I knew she was okay." "Alright then, lead the way." Me and Zayne quickly hurry to the little white house a few blocks away from the school. 'Please be safe Naomi. Please be safe'

(Naomi's point of view)

"Phil, what are you doing?" Phil grabs me by the hair and drags me to the kitchen. He takes the kitchen knife and holds it dangerously close to my throat. "I told her you were nothing but a no good whore. But did she listen? No, she decides to go see her mother instead. When she should have been handling you! I know where you were last night. I know that you were with all those boys you whore!" I start to sob. "No ..sir. It was party. It was a birthday party." He takes my hair and cuts off a fist full using the knife. I sob more when my beautiful hair lands in my shaky palm. "You're lying whore!" He takes the knife and cuts deep into my arm. I kick and scream. He hits me across the face and throws me against the wall. My vision slightly blurs. "Phil. Please stop." He gives me an evil laugh. "No, why can't you understand stupid? I'm trying to help you. No shut up before I slice your throat." I sob silently as he digs his knife deep into my stomach. "If you want to act like a whore, then I'll treat you like a whore." He grabs my sweater and tries to pull it off me. I punch him in the face and make a run for the door. He grabs my foot and drags me back. "No! Harry! Harry help me!!" I kick Phil's face. He stabs me in the chest. I let out a loud cry. Just then the door gets kicked in and something grabs me by the arms. "Naomi, it's me Zayne." "Zayne? Zayne where's Harry?" I open my eyes to see Zayne on the phone. I look over and see Phil and Harry wrestling with the knife. "No Phil! Don't!" The knife gets dangerously close to Harry's chest. Zayne gets up and struggles for the knife with Harry. Phil falls to the floor. He looks up at the boys. "Are these your boyfriends slut?" I shake and tremble. Phil looks over at me with an evil smile. Then he pulls out a gun. The last thing I remember hearing was the sound of sirens and two gunshots.

(Harry's point of view)

"Make way, make way!" I hear the doctors screaming. I rush after as they wheel the best thing that ever happened to me away. A nurse is next to me running, trying to get me to calm down. "Sir, you are bleeding a lot! If I don't patch it up, you may die. Don't you want to be there when she wakes up?" I knew the nurse was just getting me to stop so those doctors could close the ER doors and work on Naomi. I don't answer her, I just sit down in one of the cold blue chairs and put my face in my hands. The nurse grabs some medical supplies and works on my bleeding shoulder. Phil had shot two bullets. The first one missed but the second one got me because I jumped in the way to save Naomi. "You're very lucky. In a week or so and this wound will disappear." I mumble a thanks. Zayne sits down next to me and runs his hand through his hair. "Is she going to be okay?" He asks the nurse. Her smile disappears. "She has a lot of injuries. I can't say she'll make a full recovery just yet." The nurse stands up and walks into the ER. Zayne puts his hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry, she'll be fine." I shake my head. "This is all my fault. If I had been there to walk her home, she wouldn't have gotten hurt. If I had told someone ahead of time, it would've stopped." Zayne looks into my eyes. "You did everything you could. You didn't know that this was going to happen. Feeling bad for yourself isn't what's going to help her recover any quicker. If you truly loved her, you'll be finding a way to make yourself happier and not more depressed." I nod and wipe away a few tears. "You're right. I'll try." I look over at the ER door and sigh. 'Please be safe Naomi. Don't leave me here. You're my best friend. I need you.'  Just then three very worried boys come storming in through the door carrying bouquets of flowers and 5 teddy bears. "We're here!" Yells Niall.

(Naomi's point of view)

I open my eyes. My body was so sore and my head ached. I look around and see tons of flowers and bears. It was dark in the hospital room but I could still make out the faces of the four sleeping boys I loved dearly. "You're finally awake." I look over to see a tired Harry looking over at me from his chair. He looked like he hadn't slept in days and there were a few tears on his chin. "Harry." I say softly because my throat hurt. He pats my hand. "Yes love it's me." I try to sit up but the pain made me stay down. "How long have I been asleep?" Harry gives me a forced smile. "A few days. I've been so worried about you. I thought you weren't ever going to wake up." I force myself not to cry. "I missed you so much Harry. I thought Phil was going to kill me. But you and Zayne... you saved me... you're my hero." Harry looks even more sad when I say that. "Naomi. I don't know how to tell you this... I've been wanting to tell for such a long time. I was going to tell you on Tuesday but well ..." I touch his warm hand. He flinches. "What is it Harry?" He looks deep into my eyes. Suddenly he leans in close and kisses me very gently. "Naomi, I ... I think I'm in love with you."



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