The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


12. Harry Finds Out The Truth

I hurried down the stairs. I started looking for Naomi when I almost slipped in a dark red liquid. I steadied myself and looked around for Naomi's body. I didn't find it, I instead found Zayne. He was unconscious and lay in his puddle of blood. "Oh my god, Zayne." I hurried and knelt beside him. Zayne groaned and opened his eyes. "What happened?" He said sitting up. I nearly jumped back in shock. "How are you alive?" He looked confused until he looked at his hands that were covered in the dark red liquid. "This isn't mine. I got this note about...well I came running in and I slipped on this and I was knocked unconscious." He shook his head before he grabbed my shoulders. "Where's Naomi?" The anger rose back in me. I was about to tell Zayne when I heard a groan. "Help, I'm stuck." I quickly get up. "Naomi? Naomi where are you?" "Turn on the lights and look up." Zayne hurried and got up to turn the lights on. They came on slowly like they wanted to give this horrid "story" dramatic suspense. I looked up and nearly gagged. A pig was hung by its neck by one of the ropes attached to the bridge. Its stomach was deeply slice 5 times which explained the blood. Trapped in a tangle of ropes next to the pig was a helpless looking Naomi. I started walking towards the stairs again when Naomi started to scream. I hurried back towards her when I saw the masked figure. He or she wore a devil's mask that had a twisted looking grin. The person pulled out a knife and started cutting the ropes. I wasn't aware what he was doing until three out of the six ropes were gone. I hurried to the stairs but the steel door was chained shut. I tried slamming them down but they wouldn't budge. I hurried back to the ropes. Only one more to go. "Don't do this! Please!" I pleaded. The person looked at me. He turned back and cut halfway through the rope before leaving. I gave a sigh and looked into Naomi's eyes. "It's going to be okay Naomi!" I shout up at her. She was breathing hard. Before I could calm her again the person came back and cut the rest of the rope. "No!" I shouted. Naomi screamed and fell still tangled in ropes. I hurried towards her and tried catching her. I did but the force was so great I fell back and hit my head hard on the ground. My vision blurred for a few seconds. "Zayne, help." Zayne's face appeared a few inches from me. I looked up higher and saw the devil mask before I closed my eyes and passed out.

"Naomi!" I shouted jerking awake. Someone grabbed my arms and held me back. "It's okay Harry, I'm fine." I blinked the sleepiness away until I seen Naomi's face. Her hair was a mess, her skin was pale, and she looked overly worried and tired. "Naomi. What happened?" I said ruffling my hair. "You hit your head and got a concussion. The doctor wanted me to make sure you could still remember stuff after...hitting your head. Do you know who I am? Your friends? What happened?" "I thought back. It was slightly fuzzy but I remembered everything. "Yes Naomi, I remember everything. Are we in the hospital now?" I looked around but it was dark all except Naomi's face. "No we're at home. Your mum's asleep in her room." I pulled her close to me. She was so warm. "You're so cold. I'll go grab you some tea." She started to get up but I pulled her closer to me. "Don't leave. Please?" I felt so confused right now and her warmth was something comforting me. She nodded and put her head on my shoulder. "Harry, I have to tell you something It's not a good thing either. That guy who almost tried killing me, he has been stalking me. He sent me notes in almost all my classes and he was the one who sent the flowers. I wanted to tell you before but I thought you would shun me if you found out what was happening to me." I tried wrapping my head around what she just said. All I could think of was the major headache I had. "It's going to be okay Naomi. We're going to find this guy and we're going to get him sent away for a very long time." I sounded tired and drained. Naomi turned to look at me. She looked so frail. "Don't let him get me Harry. I'm so scared. He knows me, he knows my locker combination, my classes, you! I can barely keep control anymore." She half sobbed. I pulled her close. "It's okay. You don't have to worry about a thing. I promise." She nodded. We stayed like that for about a half hour. I went back to sleep after she did just to make sure she was asleep. I had a strange dream that I was covered in pigs blood surrounded by everyone I knew but they had pigs' noses. They floated around me before revealing the masked fiend. He threw a punch my way. I tried blocking it but I moved in slow motion so it connected. I tried punching him back but again I was in slow motion so he easily dodged it. He pushed me on the ground. He waved at me before Naomi fell into his arms. She looked scared beyond belief. I slowly ran towards them but he kicked me back. He bent down and kissed Naomi full on the lips. When he pulled back her face was covered in cuts and bruises. He gave me his twisted grin before taking off running. "I thought you would protect me! You promised!" I heard Naomi's voice as if she were screaming in my ear. I ran after them but they disappeared. I walked down a road covered in blood. I nearly stepped on her but stopped my foot halfway. on the road lay Naomi looking so small and bruised. I turned her over and looked at her face. Her lips were a purplish-gray and her eyes were dull and lifeless. I held her close to me before screaming my head off.

I jerked awake again. This rime there was light in my room. Naomi lay asleep next to me. She was wearing my blue t-shirt and black pajama shorts. I pushed her hair back and kissed her forehead. I slowly got up and walked into the bathroom. My face looked pale and my hair was everywhere. Sweat lingered on my forehead and on my neck. I quickly wiped it away before hopping into the shower. After a short shower I got out and wrapped a white towel around my waist. I pulled out the Tylenol and took two. I ruffled my hair before heading to my closet and changing. I find myself wearing dark blue basketball shorts and a light blue t-shirt. I slowly walked out again and downstairs. My mum was sitting at the kitchen table clutching her coffee cup tightly. "Harry what are you doing up so early on a weekend?" I look at the clock. It was 4 in the morning. "I needed to get away for a few seconds. Did you turn the hall light on?" "Yeah why?" "Oh nothing it just made me think the sun was up outside. Why are you up so early?" She gave me a forced smile. "Work. I have to leave in a few minutes. How's your head?" I grabbed two coffee cups and poured in the tea my mum already made. "It's fine I took some Tylenol. Why does Naomi look so... sick?" My mum's face slightly turned pale. "She just has a little cold it's nothing." She checks her watch. "I have to go, please be safe. Don't leave the house. Tell Naomi I will see you two at 3. Oh and please get some rest Harry, you need it. Tell Naomi the same." She kisses my cheek before grabbing her purse and leaving. I lock the door behind her and turn off the kitchen light. I bring the two cups into my room and set them down on the desk. "Naomi?" I turn to look at her but she wasn't there. I walked out of my room and knocked on hers. She came out wearing a big orange shirt and long dark blue jogging pants. Her hair was out up in a bun. "I brought you tea." I said slowly. She gave me a small smile. "I was just heading back to your room." She lead the way back and sat down on my bed. I gave her her tea. She smiled and leaned back into my pillows. I stood up and turned on the TV. "Did you hear what my mum said?" She nodded. "I did." I look back at the TV. I don't know why but SpongeBob was on. It did though seem to lighten the mood. I watched SpongeBob try to teach Squid ward how to blow a bubble. For some reason it was funny. I looked over at Naomi. Her eyes drooped and her head kept falling back before she snapped awake. "Just go to sleep, it's okay." She smiled. "I'm okay." I moved towards her and put my hand against her face. "You're burning up! I'll go get you some medicine." "No it's okay!" She said quickly. She got under the comforter and buried her face into my pillows. I put my cup against hers on the desk and laid down next to her. After a few minutes SpongeBob's face slowly disappeared and I was in my dream world.

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